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Agent Lisa Burton still works at the department as a firearms compliance specialist but officer Felicia Carson was fired in 2019 for alleged poor performance We all know that my performance rating was false It was inaccurate It was retaliation for me using family lead She says instead it was because of her investigation into a white officer for excessive use of force against a black man If I don't stand up for this then they're going to continue Luke lugert WTO P news WTP has reached out to D.C. police for comment D.C. police investigating vandalism in a religious garden at one of the region's largest and most famous churches the attacker wielded a hammer knocked off a statue's hands and then pummeled its face It happened in the rosary walk and garden of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception late Sunday Night On senior Walter Rossi rector of the basilica says the church community is praying for the perpetrator surveillance video of the attack on our lady of Fatima statue shows a man knocking off the statue's hands with a hammer stepping back pausing to examine the effect returning to pound the statue's face then leaving with the hands Christy king W TOP news Straight ahead money news things are looking up for Southwest Airlines and there are new D.C. restaurants at the Michelin guide says you should try It's 7 23 Here's Bill Wright the senior director for North American government affairs at Splunk on the discussion strategies for a zero trust architecture sponsored by Splunk Real trap I think is to try to throw technology at the strategy for those tools at the strategy and hope it works Instead it's probably better to embrace the plan the idea and then leverage technology iteratively And the good news is I think in many cases agencies already have many of the tools they'll need Listen to the entire discussion on federal news network search Splunk Splunk a recognized leader in log management and security orchestration automation and response is helping strengthen our.

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