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Those animals, either. Yeah, um Maybe our kids just calling our bluff. What if we got he's like? Oh, I don't want that thing anywhere near me. Get away from me. Hey, so Texan right now, 3143. What strange pet. Has your kid asked for here We are. It is the battle of the sexes representing the men. His name is C. J. He was in Rancho Cucamonga. He works for a utilities company. Enjoys building remote control vehicle C. J. What's up, buddy? Good morning. Everybody morning. Representing the lady is her name is Kate. She's from like forced. She's a business operations manager. It enjoys walking her dog. Let's hear it for Kay. Let's go. Okay. Good morning. How are you? Good. Morning. Morning. Good morning. Here's that works, Kate. I'm gonna ask you stereotypical male questions. Oh, what did you see J a little song and dance yourself. There. Deal's gonna ask you it's stereotypical female questions best out of three wins still tied the end of regulation. We go to announce the tough tiebreaker question. Henry Winkler first rose to fame when he appeared as What iconic character on a TV show. Happy days. Oh, King it. I know this now. I can't even think what was his character and happy days. Come on, come on, You know that? I do know that a Oh, my God, I'm blanking Fonzie. Fonzie was the answer. Yeah, yeah. C. J fill in the blank of the name of the.

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