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Is responsible for all sort took man arm that incompetent a lot you know riding public officials using violent gary out his and and that's the one that would leave and what a mandatory minimum life sentence if you work and picked it up but it's right in the dings of the game that he was in charge of didn't really pay attention necessarily to a border like politicians with their all over the us yeah and one of the things that prosecutors laid out of a filing today was how even behind bars he was a good and i'm sure when note in and out of jail he would be able to be old bitten massive distribution network all over the what western hemisphere really and extensively into the united day it there is by no means a clean prison free of drugs in the united states something's going to get and somewhere somehow so where could he be headed as far as a prisoner _a_j always he held well he's been held up in new york now to they decided on that jurisdiction because they felt like that was where they had the biggest punch and their case amen he'll be up there for the duration of his it legal proceedings which could into la week long for a week you knew week long try with he doesn't he doesn't plead we started talking a little bit about to the outgoing obama administration incoming trump administration and this extradition have either of those presidents spoken about this or any of their spokespeople i haven't heard anything from the presidents in particular on um i know that learn obama's justice department basically issue the statement saying we are thankful for the mexican government percentage i'm up here and a lot of justice department officials on this morning just before trump was warren and at a press conference talking about how bad el chapo scrawny these are and what they hope laugh and do we hear anything official from president enrique pena nieto from mexico or the regarding this extradition the mexican officials told one of my colleagues who's down there look they were happy to to get him off the air men's at the toss de from the washington post with us here on como news it middle washington post dot com to get continuing coverage of the trial of el chapo guzman extra died from mexico tim events ice como news.

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Gary, United States, New York discussed on KOMO

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