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Was a little bit of a too handsome for the role if you will. And so I don't know and actually Timothy Dalton, a number of people, you might be one of the ones that is people's least favorite. Had a real a very good, not world weariness, but like he actually was one of the first ones to show emotion that maybe he fell in love too much and got fooled. He was vulnerable because if you have a love, they don't have to kill you. They kill your family. And anyway, all of them have had very different good aspects and one of the coolest things about them is that you got to have great villains for great heroes. And so, Ernst stavro blofeld, multiple incarnations of him has been very menacing the whole Specter. The whole version of that there's international combines that he's penetrating, but there really already inveigled into so many different things that you don't know who your Friends are, which is so much what spy movies are about. You can't read a John le car book or a ludlow book without going, what's the frame's phrase? It's a wilderness of mirrors. You just don't know and you hope that that someone will have loyalty that someone will be decent. Instead of being just a magnificent actor, a bastard actor. So is remi malek really good as a villain? He is good, but honestly he wasn't as menacing as I thought he could be. He was, I thought a little bit too contained whereas Christopher waltz has blofeld really knows how to choose scenery and be menacing while being very polite about it. That first scene where he was in, I think inglorious bastards, right? Where he's the Jew hunter, and he's like, in a family's farmhouse and he's like sipping a glass of milk while all the implications are, I could have all you killed and in fact I'm looking for more people to kill, but he's being so polite and talking about, do you like it here? If you know what I mean, he's really got that. I don't know that crazy edge to him. I always liked close Maria brandau. He's another old guys that you're like, he might not be all he's not. He can be due crazy well, and especially I've lost track now, which movie was which, but he had, where his love that was maybe going to stray with James Bond, a lot of his world conquest plans make a lot of money, you know, steal the nuclear weapons, they were all warped by like he's really in love, but obsessive love with this woman. I think maybe domino, maybe it wasn't. And seeing him.

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