John Wilkes, Hillary Clinton, FBI discussed on The Mark Levin Show


You that way for now on but just remember most assassins have three names too right legal assassin john wilkes booth you know sirhan sirhan sirhan sirhan middle name was john wilkes your john david hank who tried to kill president reagan lee harvey oswald you think about that i'm just going to be the bulldog that screw that we're going to keep that we're gonna keep tabs on you absolutely i i should bear watching there's no doubt about it and so should the next inspector general's report because there is still one due out on hillary clinton in the email server this was about the fbi is handling of that of of the hillary clinton investigation and there may be another inspector general's report coming out on the whole muller russian collusion thing and maybe there should be one of those two their report came out today on president trump's birthday also on the day that the new york state attorney general decided to file a lawsuit another one against the trump foundation how oddly tied no no no no i mean it's only been seventeen months we've been waiting for michael horowitz report to come out you know what you know what i'm going to get cards printed up and i'm going to declare myself and inspector general my car is gonna say inspector general then that's what are you i'm an inspector general it sounds like sounds pretty it's sounds pretty damn important it really does not form a company gary jeff you and me will inspect what are we could inspect i don't know we can quick traded everybody i mean i had to give up married man i know i had i had to give up my amateur gynecologist license when i got married again so i'm not sure so what did you expect what did you let's move on what did you make of the report that came out five hundred sixty eight pages took a year and a half to finally be produced it's been subpoenaed documents have been subpoenaed since last august and it comes out.

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