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The company and give up a lot of runs because then you wonder the world is as you have it was he nervous oh what's the problem and i think this probably he probably do give you another two innings tonight if he had to and at all incredible and i just want to say it when i think that croat paola should be earning mvp i got up only credible actor sure i mean i mean they've got as the wondering about the the world series it always you may not have heard some guy took a nice season but y'all watch him all the time and you why somebody many and whose have guy was a guy could be one could win the mvp i always remember when the seventy eight will series when we will ran of got heard brian doyle went in there and i go he should have got to give the bucky dent but i like you have guys it that's their one shining moment yeah you the puts in the game and you get three it's assumption or you know you play well in a in a in the in the in the post game sometimes with one game sometimes one it back but it you always developed somebody to remember remember that guy in do much but at one world series he was unstoppable let's go to jack in queens jack you're on the fan hello tony hey how are you hear you were talking about cofactor less fan i voted great oh yeah crude prefect of quipped cooker pitcher uh they were they showed him a couple of time one of the times i showed him they show too right moshe when he we've actually pitcher and and they wanted a picture of what the left out of the sixty five perry uh to nothing shut out on rare a new structure of beautiful moshoeu he did and you know it was it was smooth and and and good car vulgar fastball and we just best picture i ever saw where you will get emotion or you remember motion compared to kershaw area and i'm link i got wrong no wonder those guys have back injury yeah the liz ago and you.

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