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And. This is. Really. Just WanNa get on. So bobby where we had to. Face those gifts are courtesy of shoddy low shot the locus shine the Logan. I beloved. Yes. Barbican we are going to announce. Booth. I'm excited. Through. Member of the week. Yeah, which is super exciting. Every time we do with each and every Friday. I. Like I I'm just so like. Energy that I have right now. The weakest. So Barbie you know like again, I've been a gentleman for the last ten years have you or was it ten years you? Just. Hit. The over. Years. Not. Record. No Gentlemen. And because been Jennifer last ten years and it's always leads i. And WE'RE GONNA Bobby Cologne will have the honors of naming the chat room number week. So at the counter three, guys in a chat room, you guys ready you guys ready. Are you ready? Bada advantage? I know I don't know what these. Vices, that's not that assist lock on on. If me to go into the Chapman. Did I have to come off way over here And go through this whole thing. There in. In reach was hoping I we're back. We're back up now. We see now they can see no I couldn't see of I don't know whether it was the vice. Wouldn't come up with some reason. We average over thousand comments show Bar, right? That's. We. Don't really see and then a look all of them. And I see comments and I can't type because of hours to do not I might as well sit down and just watch this show with everybody right? So when you guys come here. Next Friday we're GONNA do. whoever. comes. Here. Barbecue. Bob You. Are you in ratio? Yeah. Why is this showing at? Working from this morning. Maybe this. barbies Osho but I got different devices on this one I smoke. Told you devices tripping so check this out this will be going to do. Next Friday one named chat room number two week right now. Yes. But next, Friday when you guys coming. I'll give you guys the also the on of. Will keep umass on by the way. Where you match please and I'll go to you guys got had to honest stand here. Right next to me. And you're going to do the show with me like a minute. Oh now because roles and say here in this corner right now. On next Friday. The Hat Carter and and and you guys are GonNa rock with me while we have in a big party Ooh. That's all the lessons that come through you. GonNa. Sit here with your boys show Harvey for mid. Each guys? Yeah. While we celebrate his birthday, that's right. Glenn. told me I'm not, a team player. Yes we are going to announce the. They are here they are. They are anticipating who the chest at the count of three bobby we are going to announce that chat room member of the week. You guys ready. To. Go. Three painted. NEW CHECK OUT. The week. Family. Member the week. We. had. They'll..

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