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If this is what's keeping you here. Then i would never want at anything to stop it from keeping you here but what i really really want more than anything else is for you to want to be year in general. Not just because you're afraid of what will happen to you. If you arendt's. I want you to know that you are and that you should be here and to get the help to get you healthy so that you're not staying here because you're afraid you're staying here because you want to. Does that make sense. Joe i appreciate that for sure and sorry. I didn't mean to bring that on you guys. It's just for the conversation kind of ended up. It wasn't like. I thought like i understand both of you guys or anything so i apologize if it was a bit heavy back john but we are. We are listening to what is not new in this community and this is not to invalidate you joe Just want you to know you are the opposite of alone so many people in this community know exactly what you're talking about. An i for one have experienced that as well where i this probably be really hard for certain people here on the trigger warning but i would have done the same as a young kid. If i didn't have that fear that i was going to go to hell if i did it I genuinely would have. But that knowing that and knowing that i have learned that i live in a different world than what i thought i lived in at that time is what keeps me going now. I thought that i lived in a certain world that was so incredibly unbearable that i couldn't escape it and i did so. I hope that you keep listening to those feelings that you have. And don't ignore them. I hope that you continue talking to whoever you can and i hope that you find whatever helps you to manage your life and a and a much happier way I hope that happens for you. i'm sorry i'm not i appreciate that. Thank you for letting me know that for sure. yeah i think there's a lot of people fear of how experienced not necessarily like like me but like it is a barrier for many people to actually crossover not believe because on one hand it's abusive but on the other hand like it's still something like he's alive so i guess i will definitely me. I am seeing someone. I'm seeing if i call it just for this. I am taking medication. So i'm trying to do my part to get better it's just that sometimes when atheism. And when i we have these conversations something like this does happen at the back of my mind. But i just wish how if it didn't exist would be one way so i mean i'm really glad to hear john that i guess like you had a shot experience that you were willing to tell us your about. I really do appreciate that. And i hope we didn't cause you any pain by having doping do have caused no-one paint today now i just i really hope you get to the point that you can recognize just because the fear is capable of controlling you. That doesn't mean it's a good thing. I'm sorry joe. And i love yes. Please do give us an update you have to call back and give us an update on your progression okay and even otherwise. Even if you're seeing somebody now you can still recovering from religion if that person is unavailable or financial problems. Pop up or whatever recovering furlan. Religion is a nonprofit that you can call. I'm pretty sure. Twenty four seven so and thanking on calling that other people have heard you are being helped by hearing your voice right now to recommend very much for schol recovering from religion. another call. ben. Thank you so much. Welcome thanks job by eric. You say i o kills are you. Okay we again. We can't. i'm always always up for good china all day every day. There's going to be sold as next week is just gonna be clips of me and using giant saying regina guy.

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