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Molly. On that note I would have dropped out of high school definitely. That was a waste of time. My last two years of high school. I completely wasting my time. I could drop out got my Gd and gone to college. Which is what I ended up doing afterwards but I could have saved some time after all at the end. I finished up my last year. I finished by November. Maybe now's I decided to the graduate. Sure I think Either I would have gone to college sooner. Wait till the I'm GonNa go into House Atallah. Gee I think I would have done it sooner or if I would have kept doing dance out like past eighteen. Those are things I would do very answer. Everything since passed the age of fife. Everything wasn't joe might lead one big. Don't do what I did sometimes example for others. What exactly. Sometimes your purpose in life is just to be the example for others. That's that's okay and that's me worked out great because all three of your kids are very successful and on their own and so it's working for you girl. Yeah Yeah. I talked to him something to do. I'm surprised screw more people more on like. Hey I'll take what I got. I want to know what kind of life changing decision you made at five. That like forever turned out so horrible. Like story wants to get into honestly like the way I look at it. There's there's no major decision that I would have made my life that I would go back and change because well every decision that I've made in my life is Kinda brought me to where I am and by in large. I'm pretty cool with where I am. Now I mean yeah there's some things I would tweak now but I mean it is what it is. I change all the time. I'm constantly trying to figure out on the other I'm trying to. I'm always looking for my next great adventure you can ask Amy. I'm horrible about that. I'm like what are we going to get into today? Even says every time all today is seen as we do everyday pinky take over the world maybe responds every time accurate on that. Now we actually have a great thing plans to talk about. We actually do plan shit with me. So our tonight's topic is What three female three famous people who you want to hang out with? Why One alive one fictional when Dad Wanna live one snow and why so do you guys want Lawrence that she did not want time to think about it area? You're okay so amiable first so the life person I want to hang out with should be failing because I think he's absolutely hilarious and I think that would be a lot of fun and very entertaining. The dead person I would love to hang out with is John F. Kennedy because I have so many questions including I'm really need to know things about Marilyn Monroe and my fictional character as Stuey griff had a good time with me and still borrow money from it and when you're with them up here you can get shot but you'd never die. You always come back. So that's a plus. Since Jeremy Do you know yours all of them? I always love to go back. Pick BY LEONARDO DAVINCI's mind. Maybe tease him. On some of his sketches. Ain't GonNa work but almost word on for a fictional character always thought tyrian. Lancaster from game of thrones would be awesome the hang out with. Yes I really thought I I and yet I don't know I know what you party with me. The rest are just peeling compared to you. You took care right out of my mouth. I was like he's married to me. Who else does he needs to need. Dave God I would you. Let's see alive. You know what I'm going to go with. It's kind of a platitude but I think it'd interesting Barack Obama just like sit down and have a bunch of drinks with him but it would have to be at whiskey in the jar or someplace like that they would have to be like like a dive bar a dive bar night with Barack would it. Would I think just exactly and and picking his okay like. Let's what did they really. Here's another shot of Jerzy. Tell me about area fifty one. Here's here's another shot dead I mean you could get metaphysical about it and go. Jesus Which could also qualifies fictional You could also or debt honestly I would dead pick pick one of the founding fathers. Pick one of them again. Sit THEM DOWN. Get them drunk and be like all right. Let's let's talk about the Second Amendment thing and and and what what are you really mean by it? And let's talk about this First Amendment thing and what like what what what what really is in your brain. When when you when you put the stuff out fictional God there are so I mean there are so many I mean I. I mean from Scifi universe. Hell God at a star. Wars character could be vader. Could be you want to know who I would have thought you would have made this Lucy..

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