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Money or guide to the business and finance news of the week and yet it's been another one of those weeks and it's only been a few days since Wednesday when we lost. Okay you but there's a lot to catch up on I'm Felix Salmond axios. I'm here with breaking views. I'm here with Emily Package. Huffpost hello and we even have a special guest. We have the CEO of BCG so many letters in Rich lesser is GonNa talk to us because he is a management consultant who talks to big business the whole time. So we're GONNA ask him about what on earth big business is thinking about going through right now. We're going to talk about the Fed and the exactly what it's doing in terms of trying to get the economy moving. We're GONNA talk about Amazon. And what they need to do to keep their workers safe because that will be a good example for the rest of us when every other business gets up and running again and we'll even have a slate plus segment on equal because we haven't had one of those new while. It's a mildly gloomy show. I mean it's a mildly gloomy time but I you'll like it. It's all coming up on slate money. This episode of slate money is brought to you by the relentless a new podcast from slate studios and century twenty one real estate hosted by Dr Clinical Psychology Julianna. She talks to leaders about the qualities that set them in how they approach success. And how honestly? They managed to get through the setbacks that all of us are experiencing right. Now you'll hear about what these people have learned from their triumphs how they've grown from rejection and how they continue to.

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