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Four lines that are conscious by day often get through in our dreams because we don't have to pay attention to all our our band of consciousness pretty narrow compared to everything going on in their brain so by day we're we're focused on you know everything we're looking at and seeing in processing visually at sounds conversations were having and you know in your brain just has to be keep you up writing balanced and everything and at night there's no visual real stimuli coming in your perception of sounds is stamped way down you're not having to deal with any balance movements stuff so a lot of the things occupy by day are just not there as brain areas are are quiet at night so things like if something is subtly pressing on a nerve in a way that you don't even feel was pain or or you do have a lot of aaron interferon running around your body time make you feel vaguely sick just things that we wouldn't notice by day because they're being crowded out of our attention i think often get through into our dream content just because they don't have to compete with all the sort of basic visual input that makes sense i definitely here a lot of stories about people who especially the kind of longterm illnesses i do not put any kind of psychic attribution to some people tell these stories is oh this means my dream was knowing i was gonna get cancer knowing i was going to get this neurological disorder but it's very striking to me that it tends to be the disorders that a rather slow in farming in the body where the processes their long before you we usually clinically notice it where somebody has a dramatic dream that.

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