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Look and i'll be all along fourteenth street all day eleven. Am to seven pm meeting people and hopefully you know now that we are finally a beating the corona virus with our vaccine. Roll out that we can shake more hands and take more pictures of people. So that's gonna be very fun but the thing that i'll be doing in this this performance which is new is discussing. I don't know if you've seen the very famous. It's an incredible painting of the green leaves in the background. The official presidential portrait of barack obama have you ever seen that noah in the national portrait gallery so every president gets advice and first lady gets one official presidential portrait and hangs in the dc national portrait gallery and the and it was unveiled about two years ago of obama. And i love barack. Obama may be my favorite president ever. And i'm a history major And also i love the artists. Kahindi wiley is also one of my favorite artists and the painting is unbelievable. But it was made in china this official presidential One of a kind. You know super american painting The artis studio is in china. And i love people. I have no problem. You know if you wanna make things in china but this one is really you know. It's a special and it's not a coincidence that the president he. Yeah that's it. The president the beasts the presidential limo. It's a cadillac. It's an american company. It's made in america. It's it's not a rolls royce which be a lot nicer but that's would be made in england right and it's the same reason why the Air force one is a boeing ins made in america. It's not an airbus. Because that would be made in france so i think it is quite a little bit of a controversy that this painting was made in china And and. I hope we're going to have some conversations about it did did he. Ah sit foot. So the artists takes a picture of obama and then he paints it and he has a studio in china interesting. I find myself Shocked at how little. I thought it was pretty well informed until tonight and they wrote one story on it but in the art world it was pretty much overlooked But it it's almost like we have 'em it's a fun thing like i said. I love obama. I love gandhi while they have enormous respect for the. They've done more in their lifetime than i could ever hope to achieve. I mean a hindi. Wiley is one of the biggest artists in the country. He's an american black artists at great artists but But this i just think it was a little bit of a buddha where they go. They didn't really pay attention to say. This is a really. It's going to be there You know in two thousand years. I hope america is still doing well in the national portrait gallery and though when kids wanna learn about barack obama and then they go we have three hundred and thirty one million people in this country and we couldn't figure out one way to make a decent painting. One thing in this country we outsource cheinal yep and just just as sweet biden said on. We are in a battle his quotes are. We are in a battle to win the twenty first century with china. And then he said that there's no reason he's talking about his green energy bill that there's no reason why the blades on a windmill can't be made in pittsburgh. Instead of beijing either directly from biden this week. But i think that this painting is completely inconsistent with that messaging. Yeah i agree You know. I applaud your optimism that we're going to be here thousand years or two thousand I don. I don't away a week. But i applaud your optimism. But i don't know how you can sustain that man i maybe because i'm a extreme pessimist but i don't know world's in a bad place and i think we're even though The four years of donald trump has passed. I don't think the division is necessarily healed. It's just it's got more. There's nothing to argue about on a daily basis because biden isn't tweeting out every thought he has constantly and giving us something to fight about. I i still think we're is divided as we were six months ago. Eight months ago. Yeah still very divided. yeah so do you have any Insight or intuition about what the future because you do donald trump And he's he's out of the white house and you're doing post presidency trump but what about the possibility of doing indicted trump or. Perhaps prisoner jumped. Do you have any Thoughts on that. You know hard to fathom. It's hard to fathom. I know he's under investigation in georgia and in new york But i haven't thought about that but but right now it's more it's about a trump so even trump now he's thinking about his legacy right and this painting is about obama's legs the end just last week. They put the photo in the place. Where the trump painting will go. So my satirical trump character is sort of a you know a mutated donald trump from the depths of mar-a-lago who is thinking about his own legacy and his own painting which is being set up and commissioned right now but then also fixated that the obama one of all countries. you know. it wasn't made in india resume. nba That trump has this. You know unique obsession with china but look i. I used to be a prosecutor. I was a assistant district attorney in the brooklyn. Da's office for a number of years in the twenty tens and i was in the domestic violence bureau. So i was helping. Almost all women And mostly spanish-speaking on victims of domestic violence and that was a very rewarding experience for me but as a former prosecutor that anyone who has broken the law Has you know whatever justice that they deserve met with them. Yeah it does seem like Bureau dare definitely To standards for Who gets You know who get prosecuted and who doesn't in That's a shameful thing but I'm just curious about Because trump has still has a hold on the gop. and but. here's the thing that i can't figure out because if and there's so much i can't figure out about the cultism donald trump but if any of the president would have lost them the house of representatives and kind of even out the senate on them and then lost the white house. The people would be jumping off ship pretty quickly. Can you explain the loyalty behind somebody who lost everything and you still. I thought they were gonna flush him out after january six which was such a terrible dark day for our country's history I they'd say that was it. That was the final last straw and flush.

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