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Dot nail tito s from abc news i'm dave packard congressional seat remains in the hands of the gop after a hardfought race in georgia republican karen handel thanked president trump for his support after defeating democrat jon ossoff campaign spending hitting a record fifty million dollars abc cbos insomnia georgia with more of the candidates and with the race meant to voters handle became georgia's first republican secretary of state in two thousand six and then unsuccessfully ran for governor the president and even weighed in on several occasions making his agenda with her win or get out and vote for care and in the middle of the trump era ossoff on the other hand was counting on energizing dissatisfied voters until he decided to run almost no one knew his name but then us congressman john lewis gave him an endorsement storm cindy hammering the gulf coast right now there could be as much as twelve inches of rain and flooding is likely abc's eva pilgrim spoke to a man at saint charles parish louisiana sandbagging his home tuesday night i can't be different there is already flooding in alabama on dolphin island the governor has declared a state of emergency for that entire state in southwest the right now this is the first day of the summer not the rain but the heat las vegas one hundred seventeen degrees tuesday phoenix won nineteen california's death rally one hundred thirty degrees heat putting strain of the power grid in southern california causing outages in some communities david rudi lives in rancho cucamonga i went up without gas my generator got the generator started just to make sure the stuff on the refrigerator was staying called the federal prosecutor's office in belgium saying the explosion at a train station in brussels tuesday that prompted the station to be your evacuated but left no victims injured is now considered a terrorist attack on suspect was shot by the military and died you're listening to abc news over seventy million americans have.

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