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Because those big routes have buds on them for top growth and you need to go down deep enough in the dan line the fissile and that's cetera to get them killed and i do that quite frequently with roundup. I know. there's a lot of discussion about that right now. But i'm very careful how i handled it. Cetera i put it in. I'm gonna call it an oil can so it doesn't splits and and s- play out. I will then just barely squeezed the trigger on the oil. Can and brill. The the roundup down the stem of the dan land around the rosette or down the stem of the sicel that way it is absorbed into the plant it kills the root and then the plant is dead done and gone so be cautious about just cutting them off i favor either the dandelions bigger or the chemistry that is available to us all right now and you know get rid of the rascals and we've gone through seven of the nine tips for winter gardening two more to go coming up next on plan talk and welcome back a fred's been going over a list of nine tips for winter gardening. We have seven of them done. But we have two more. I wanted to. I wanted to go back to number seven for just a second. The cut cut out invasive plants in ohio. Right now the one. I hear the most about his honeysuckle by all means. Mark and that rascal. If if it gets beyond a one year seedling you not only just pop it out of the ground you got to go after it with a major spayed. Strong men and dig the whole thing out and Get it off the property. They they are beautiful in bury. The berries actually even taste good. Because i've tried them but they are polluting our woods floor. They are crowding out some of the better more interesting and native things so by own he gets. Yes that is a for sure. A matter of fact. I've got a couple..

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