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So jury suit Robbins was the choreographer director Robbins. WILL THEY CO director. But at the Potanin agreement that Bob is would would do the dramatic scenes and and Robinson's physical numbers. So do it on the the foot now. You may not know what that means that means instead of stepping on the left and kicking to the right you gotta step in the right kick to the left you gotta do it the other way and so every all these dancers are walking around crazy so we were there in New York for. Oh my God. We're there for a month late and by the time we got back to La. They closed the production down. They said that's it. He had it in his option. That if it didn't work out for a certain amount of time that he could be let go he was just gone by the time we came back to work mark. He was gone all dancers. Were like a depressed. They've been complaining the whole time complaining about how all the rather have Jerry Robbins and complain the not having been yeah. It's not like calling them names or anything. There was a book written. His biography is dancing with the devil. You know so I mean he just was a prick until after he was fired. That the one of his assistants Tony Gordon Day. Mary Rivera. Tony and Tony took over so Tony said let's put some tumbling back in the in the in the film. Let's put some DANTEC. So that's when I end the DANCEHALL number right. Did their own back with a full twist kept dancing and everything and so later on Jerry Robinson a show called Jerome robins Broadway and the kid that was playing. RIFF did a flip on the stage. And I saw that and I was had a heart attack I turned to buy. Did you see that. So I couldn't wait to get back stage. You know what I met him and he was so happy to meet me and I said now I gotta ask you. How were you able to do a flip on the stage? He says that was part of the audition. I give myself Chattan the back right at. You're ever seriously injured doing the work. You've done only once in a wonderful world of the brothers Grimm which was in center so it was hard to do and I had to roll down a hill. Gordon jump over the camera and I think I hit the top of the camera and cut my new like Tom. Cruise in mission impossible. Yeah did you know when you were doing the movie what the movie it was GonNa be. Did you know I knew I was doing a classic movie but I didn't know that it was going to end up history as history and as big as it was an epic film. And there's a lot of big stars like Glenn Ford does tons of them that are big stars. That have never really had an epic film. Oh you know that they could hang their shirt on a big move. You Take George curious. What else has he done? West side story is his premier Arkansas' calling because of that. We got to go to governments Chinese and get our hands and feet as it should cement. You know which was pretty pretty much of a trip. Yeah actor dancer West Side Story Star. Ross Tamblyn another. Here's the thing guest who came up through the old Hollywood studio. Oh system is Robert Osborne. Who before he was the host of Turner? Classic movies was a member of Lucille. Ball's stable of actors at Desi Lu Studios in in the nineteen fifties didn't pay much money at all but it was like a masterclass for me because Lucy took us under her wing. Now Desi at this point was womanizing. He wasn't around much so she would show us. I Love Lucy show she done bad ones and show us why they didn't work then chose a good one and why it did worse share with the rest of my interview with Robert. Osborne is in our archives. At here's here's the thing dot org Tamblyn talks life after riff coming up. This is Alec Baldwin. You're listening to here's the thing and we're back with my guest Russ Tamblyn West side story director. Robert wise made a surprising choice to follow up his musical mega hit. It was his younger film. Co starring Julie Harris and Claire Bloom a supernatural horror project called the haunting tamblyn decided to join the cast but it took some convincing. I don't even think I wanted to do it at the beginning because I was the one person in the haunting that that wasn't one of the strange people it had some sort of psychological damage damage. You know I was just a guy that was going to inherit. The House turned it down at first to tell you the truth but MGM said You know. Bob Really want you and unfortunately we're going to have to put you on. What is it where they were? You don't get paid for a bunch of months you know and so I said well furred urge salary. Maybe I'll re descript again so I decided to do it and I. I was in the south of France. Then doing some other movie when he offered to me so I flew back to England and And that's who are we did the haunting and we did it just in this amazing place which was in an stratford-upon-avon and they found this house it had been was actually like a big manner that had been haunted for hundreds of years and it was all run down and there were weeds growing everywhere and it was an incredible the place so it was It was quite amazing. So what was the set of that. Lie on the haunting. Yeah it was incredible. I mean a lot of shot L. Street the The interior of the house was shouted L. Street where they could really really work it out better. Would we mainly use the outside of the hotel For for shooting the openings and everything but I had this experience one night and we were staying near the night we only stayed there one night and my bedroom was right above where they were shooting where the entrance was so there were arc lights and they were shooting out front and I wasn't working working then and these lights kept coming on. I could hear the noise. Shit I'm GonNa go just take a walk in the back and see there was supposed to have been a ghost in the back back and There was like a path that went up and there was a little graveyard up there and there was like a eight year old that was murdered and and so I I decided I'd walk up there and they say that's where you were the ghost. Is You know so I would say I'd love to see a ghost. I thought that would be really really cool so I go go out the back and it was pitch dark. I couldn't see a thing so I had to walk backwards because the arc lights from the other side of the building where leading up the the stone path so I could walk backwards and see where I was where I was going. I got up to a certain point and all of a sudden I felt like somebody put a brick of ice ice on the back of my neck I swear gone. I never told anybody that's never told any of the cast in the exclusive. I said you know what if I turn around own right now. I'm going to see a ghost. I felt that really strongly because of that it was like freezing right in the back of my neck so instead I just high tilted back and went to bed and I thought I do really run back. I can't I can't tell anybody about this Ever and I didn't didn't tell I was in my house on Long Island. Someone told me that my house had ghosts and one night I'm laying in bed and I hear these voices in my house. I swear to God I heard people talking a woman raising her voice and I I I listened to it and I listened to it and two in the morning. It's three in the morning and I'm INSOMNIAC. I have bad insomnia and I jumped out of bed. I swear to God I jumped out of my bet. I started screaming. I started screaming at the top of my lungs. You WanNa fuck when I shall yourself. Don't you fuck it I for me come on out and show.

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