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I'm Robin banks. The dodgers flummoxed the Phillies and eight nothing shutout completing a series sweep. Now the Diamondbacks in Arizona today at six forty pm. How did we arrange that Walker? Bueller on the mound. You can follow that action. The live on the home of the dodgers, AM, five seventy LA sports, Jose Suarez locked his first ever major league win as the angels beat them eighty six burglars were asked, how they broke into homes, and they all said they knocked on the door. I that's why you need blink x t to cameras they detect motion, so you'll get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there. Tell the delivery guy, where to leave the package or just say, hi when the kids get home, blink x t to cameras start under a hundred bucks. So thanks to blink home security just got easier. Blink cameras are available on Amazon, and best, buy or visit blinkprotect dot com slash patrol. Blinkprotect dot com slash patrol. DDAT makes today's secure and tomorrow smarter. We deliver the technology, transformations. The world depends. On explore the art of the possible at GD IT dot com. Are you a real quick fam- odyssey? Cruises up their game. If you're thinking about maybe a romantic night out with lava, or maybe he just wanna go ahead and enjoy the beautiful scenery of DC. You gotta check out the wavy free designed their ships from the refinements in lighting and textures to the remodeled dancefloor and bar space. I said bar and not to mention minimizing fuel consumption and emissions. Get a sneak peek of the brand new beautiful interiors at their website odyssey, cruises dot com. It's odi. Y. S S, E Y cruise dot com. If trying something new was a bad idea. Many of us would still be wearing polyester. This message is brought to you by glory days grill, you may know us for our great burgers, and wings, but glory days pros mix, it up with fresh cedar planks salmon cut in house and grilled to perfection, or sizzling juicy stakes media ribs. We even have handcrafted cells and sandwiches buyer.

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