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It's been for Crohn's and colitis chores get started that's been bored dot org Steve Winslow ninety five point five W. SB outlanders was accurate and dependable forecast from W. S. we meteorologist Kirk relish another chilly start to the day but mild temperatures a little bit above normal again this afternoon the warming trend continues right on the into Saturday and the chance of rain returns by Friday and goes up during the day on Saturday well watch the potential for heavy rain and or any potential severe weather especially in the afternoon and evening dry out a little bit on Sunday but just briefly before rain quickly returns through the early morning hours clear skies lows thirty four to thirty eight and for your Thursday mostly to partly sunny high around sixty one lows forty six to forty nine Friday mostly cloudy a fifty percent chance of a light shower afternoon and evening hi sixty four low fifty nine Saturday a forty percent chance of a morning shower heavy shower thunderstorm ninety percent likely especially late afternoon and evening highs seventy one low fifty one thirty eight degrees on Peachtree street at two thirty seven I'm RK why ninety five point five WSB Atlanta's news and talk more you listen Brian Kilmeade we'll bring you the rest of the president's speech in the recap what you mess Brian Kilmeade show let's go back to the White House US armed forces are stronger than ever before.

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