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The The, racist and homophobic and the negative things that he felt or, was posturing at, least as a seventeen year old he's going to, be this, is gonna fix him sensitivity training I'll tell you who needs to go. To sensitivity training Jeff wilpon needs to go to. Sensitivity training Jeff wilpon would would do well. To go to San I'd love to see rob Manfred or Jeff wilpon to go to sensitivity, training, and did you see by the way Now listen I don't want to try to get, your hopes up too much here okay and take this. With a grain of salt could be nothing but there was a scout from. The San Diego Padres on Twitter today Who lives out on Long Island who made, the claim on Twitter and tweeted this myself ever saw this earlier yesterday And the scouts said that people that he has talked with concerning the Mets He says he's gotten the word that Jeff wilpon. Is, considering, after the season replacing Mickey Callaway with none other than Wally Backman now again Take this from, where it's coming, okay this, is not something that I've generated? This I'm only passing this information along I mean this could be a ruse but then? Again I say why would it be a ruse why? Would an official employee of? The San. Diego Padres, working in the capacity of scout why would he go ahead and say something like this why would he say that. All, right If he's a scout for the San Diego Padres? Why would he say that? At all But I tell you what it Jeff wilpon does indeed make that move and Jetsons Mickey. Callaway after the season and brings in Wally Backman. As the as the next match manager Then I'm willing to major league baseball that no sensitivity training is required for Jeff wilpon anymore None at all But could you imagine You think Jeff is, listening to the show Is there a chance, that, Jeff, wilpon, is listening to the show Jeff Jeff listen I know, it was hard on you. The other night. But let's let's be, honest you deserve it. You still, deserve it, but it's true Jeff I mean you've got you've. Got to understand where your fan. Base is you gotta understand your fan base you, need to understand what the fan base wants what. The fan base craves with fan base needs and I know the, reports came, out, earlier this week that said you know it's it's probably a slam dunk that Mickey. Callaway gets, another opportunity in two thousand nineteen but, Jeff I'm telling you if. You do that you're making a big. Mistake so you're making a big big mistake So if you are indeed thinking along the lines of hey maybe. Maybe now, the sandy Alderson is out of the, picture because of course Alderson. Backman never got along with each other So I'm going, to bring Wally Backman in here next year Jeff let me tell you something there'd be. People throwing parades and parties for, you outside of city field if you made such. A change if you brought Wally Backman to manage the Mets Because in my way of, thinking, a Backman or someone like Backman is the exact tonic for what else your franchise to rehabilitate to. Reinvigorate a fan base if not, an entire organization from a cultural point of view A guy like Backman has OB. Obviously connectivity to the franchise he's part of the Mets DNA He's, hungry he's motivated Mets fans..

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