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Speaking of teeters, I was hoping to be the one with the good news. And I am seventy eight eastbound finally all lanes are back open. Now, this is between exits twenty four and twenty six we had an overturned tractor trailer out there from early this morning. He lost his load of potatoes. He's been cleared out of the way, but we still have solid the lays moving into that area. So expect some slowdowns to remain for quite some time out there on seventy eastbound we've got some road work on eighty that's causing heavy delays purging exit thirty four in Warren. We've got more slowdowns on the eastbound side heading towards you eighty seven twenty two westbound in hillside also packed that's because of construction blocking lane over by liberty Garden State Parkway. Northbound two separate crashes one by exit one twenty three two lanes are out there the right and center lanes over by the route nine merge, we've got another hit on the northbound side in the express lanes before exit one seventeen and has lit and to ninety five southbound still. That collision by exit twenty eight for the black horse pike. That's got you. Stop and go from the white horse pike over and Haddon heights. This award is sponsored by Lowe's pros you right by shopping at Louis to save on the supplies. They need most from the brands they trust to get the job done. Do it right for less and start with Lowes. Traffic every fifteen minutes your next report at two forty eight. I'm brandy Scott on New Jersey one point five. Jersey went to one point five instant weather nary blow pressures resulting gusty winds. Cool conditions answer. Rainfall heading the start of the work week out on his mother's day. Wind Guston from the east time here thirty.

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