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All right. i was trying to think. If i thought there was one of the thing on on rock because we the timing of when we usually do podcast. We don't talk a lot about ron. I thought it was newsworthy. Show for its lack of newsworthiness. In the sense that it is so illustrative of of where they stand right now heading into the post pandemic era with audiences and you know general getting oh yeah like mason t bar losing the house party. That just doesn't make the cut if it's a two hour episode raw that's yeah and it was only three minutes but like what was the point. You're trying to get us to think lucia house party. Someone who should invest in again. I'm sorry but no you know you've you've done that a couple of times and we we got invested and then you drop them out again so no we're not going to. You've ruined them. That's my take and beating mesa barn and beating mason t bars not is not a statement win their loser jobbers to which is a shame because t bar could have been a top of the second tier guy who visited a main event now and then and so i mean you just that's depth chart rich and and and we didn't even talk about the continued disappearance of keith lee. Right there when you have a company and you release fifteen twenty people every other every every three weeks and he's still have people that you're asking. Why are you not using them. That's up there with as much as i give her a hard time. My wife with the level of hoarding. That you've been participating in and when you have someone like donovan die jack and you can't find a way to use him as your big man of the season but we're talking about drew mcintyre drew could have a better feud with donovan. Die jack fan. He would have with general hall barnard. I'm going to say. I haven't seen the man wrestle. Outside of wwe you're going to die jakovic as a baby face opponent for rance or you could have planned for money in the bank to be. He's the guy who steps up he gets on a hot streak he he looks like he's the the new big thing he's the type of guy who could step up to roman and just speak truth to power and just be like you know. Just you're an arrogant jerk fully yourself. And i'm going to set you straight and roman beats them. And that's fine but you would get something fresher than trying to rehabilitate kofi. Who just got tossed around by honest got squashed by listener and then didn't sell any disappointment over a title rain that a lot of fans were super invested in and he just got nobody. They'll just go right back to where we were before like. He's been so mis booked the the short term memory of vincent man. You can only push that so far with your fan base in like even house party thing as an example. So yeah it's it's not it's It's unfortunate that they haven't utilized die jakovic as a not a guy you're an invest in a centerpiece act for the next ten years. But he's a guy who can be the bridge opponent in a world title. Who only has like bob. Boecklin talked about in his book and in my interviews with them. Yeah there's sometimes you got guys had one match against or one match against me. And other times if they drew well and promoters judgment was it was going. Well you get to and on a rare occasion three like de jakovic just might be the one match guy and then you kind of reap move him down a spot get him at a personal feud and maybe he revisits an and rises higher and they're not even getting that out of talent like that just attention to trying to get the most out of upper mid carter's just isn't there and they're paying such a big price for it. Yeah i mean. I think about couple years. It was wrestlemainia new orleans. There was a three way match between die jacovic heatley ricochet and the way they booked ricochet was constantly little guy. That was staying away as the two. Big jews fought god's oliver's king kong style and then eventually they realized he was running away from them and they focused on him and it was more like character development for ricochet in those three guys in that mets series. Then what. I've seen on their television for years and it's sad because all three of those guys could be useful. All three of those guys can be put in a position where you're gonna have like. You said the bruno rule if ricochet in front of fans goes up against the roman. And he says i ally all that why giving them mature. I authorized your cousin and he was my hero and you have a chance to be some kids heroes. And you're not doing that. And because of that i'm going to step up and i'm gonna be the hero that knocks you down a peg and ricochet will bounce fly cliff roman. Choke him out. Everybody wins but if you get the fringe instead of along the way the rock shows up gives them a little out of boy and then that leads you know that a rising tide raises all boats instead. We just get jumbled messes that were told her complete thoughts later. And that's the most gaslight. It's very frustrating. Yeah so overrun on smackdown rich Edge ranan Couple of fridays ago at the end and now he got to kind of issue his his mission statement with his. You know recalibrated character based on wrestlemainia happenings in his begrudging daniel bryan's involvement what sort of came across as he'll ish when i don't think it was intended to be he'll ish and then they just went with him being a heel and then it sorta became old just pick sides out brands gone and they need edge to be the baby. Face here is this. Is this working He is. It's weird to say but i mean he's sort of the die jakovic right now. It's kind of filling out bridging them to summer slam. And then you know. Based on seth's promo not just reporting but says promo complaining about educating the spot looks like then removing edge. Seth is it. Do you like what they're how they're utilizing edge. Is this kind of does. It didn't have a self awareness of where he fits in right now with the fan base and as a wrestler or do you think they swung and missed on friday. I think they. I guess it's not gonna be a spleen amidst but ultimately the result is still a called strike. Because they're still you know based on how we can evaluate it. I i don't think they nailed it. I think with edge. They found the right voice for him. And we talked about that before the four wrestlemainia in estimating the as far as what he should be what his motivation should be. Should be money in the bank. That should be his focus. Just the ultimate opportunists. Biggles scumbag does whatever he needs to the ends justify. The means now along the way. I think what the daniel bryan stuff. When you don't have them it makes it a cleaner move and it reminds me of you know one of the big issues of balls being dropped with me and some of these wrestlers is I was having a conversation about My buddy steve. Williams had conversation that kind of jumped in about the fact that people are gonna go to these. Wwe documentaries ten fifteen years from now and not realize guys like edge encina batista. Not even the rock. The rock is like the unicorn but those guys if you go back to the seventies and eighties and talk to some of those wrestlers said what they did in their career and then post career out in entertainment outside of wrestling. They give their right arm right leg. Whatever to get those careers because edge if you if you just put him in a little box as like wrestler x. Instead of saying edge if you had a guy who was a top star remove by injury does several sets successful television. Shows in fact getting someone who became one of your bigger stars become a stuntwoman on that show And then come back you. Should you big while they batista's back. Let's get him. No that's edge like let's treat him like he's actually worked something instead of We we're gonna just scramble scramble scramble and figure out what he's going to do now obviously in between he did have some injuries but nowadays as back. There's no reason. Ed shouldn't have been a lurking or costing roman Not necessarily a title match but maybe costing him a promo like stealing his time making him look like a fool instead of just making jimmy. Because now you're going to have to explain. Why jimmy is there. Because he'd been the focus of desire and it it just it's incomplete and and it shouldn't be incomplete with guy this..

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