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The United States CBS's bursts Marcus has reaction. From the governor of Wisconsin Harley is decided to move some production overseas to avoid tariffs a move sharply criticised. By President Trump was. -sconsin governor Scott Walker is trying to take the middle ground Round in this fight every Harley. Davidson sold in the United States. America's made here in the United States for us the way to get even more is ultimately doing what the the. President self talked about get to a point where we have no tariffs Walker a Harley rider. Took part in the company's one hundred fifteen anniversary parade over the weekend Bruce Marcus four CBS news Milwaukee and locally, the, search continues this morning for, reports of. A paraglider that went down in the waters. Off Seabrook New Hampshire and a possible person in distress WBZ TV's Michelle Fisher has more our Sunday cruise for. Here off the coast of, Seabrook beach searching for that missing person a rescue birds. Searched the water while a Jay hawk helicopter hovered above the area also looking the coast guard says that someone. On the. Shore reported a person in distress about six. Hundred yards from the beach around seven thirty yesterday people that were on shore held out hope as rescue efforts continued. Late into the night they have been out there They're quite. A while a lot of boats helicopter a. Lot of people going up and down the beach but as of right now nothing you said there are no correlated missing person report so. They are asking that anyone with information give them a, call local rescue teams are eating coastguard officials in that search WBZ news time five forty. Two now finally to sports and. Here we have WBZ's Charlie Berge around good morning good morning Nicole Red Sox White Sox but their four game set this weekend finale of the series yesterday. Red Sox were, shut out for the sixth time this season at eight nothing final Brian Johnson could not get through the, second inning allowing four runs so twenty four games to go Red Sox lead remains. At seven and a half games over the Yankees in the east Detroit New York yesterday eleven seven eighteen holes to play the Dell technologies golf championship, in Norton Abraham answer with a one shot. Lead over Bryson to Shambo and Terrel Hatton. Answer began this week ninety Second in the FedEx Cup standings he's. Now fifth my goal that I've always dreamed about winning PGA tour event playing this sport. For, since I can. Really remember so it'd be obviously a dream come true. To Foxborough, eight patriot players, who had, been cut on Saturday were signed to. The practice squad yesterday tight. End Ryan Rizzo placed on injured reserve here comes game one of the, two thousand eighteen season Sunday at Gillette against Houston is finally, here so we got a lot of preparation do. You start diving in on these guys get going you'll really start to recall fright that's patriots center David Andrus, Charlie Birger on WBZ sports.

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