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Went back today as did UCF students day seventeen of the partial government shutdown. A quiet Monday so far inside beltway. The president though will make a trip to the US Mexico border on Thursday. The partial government shutdown heading into its third week. I think we've come a long way services are being withheld from the American people. This is national security. We're talking about we're not talking about games. Fact, he said he'd keep the government closed for a very long period of time Munster even year. This is where Orlando turns first for breaking news news ninety six point five WDBO twelve seventeen on Orlando's news at noon. I'm Gene Wexler continuing. Coverage of our top stories. Breaking news three arrests made in the fatal shooting of a young woman who was found dead in Kissimmee yesterday morning twenty one year old Nicole Juliet morale as found dead on the ground at the Arbor's of Sendero condo complex, not far from one. Ninety two Kissimmee police now charging her on off boyfriend Michael us with first degree murder of two other men charged with accessory and evidence tampering. Well, they're back today seems like I was just here yesterday ES, you were hundreds of thousands of students in orange and seminal counties. Went back to class today for the first time since before Christmas that means you. You saw a lot more buses on the morning commute. Also the first day of classes, both at UCF in Seminole state college. Osceola school's back tomorrow. A Michigan family coming back from a trip to Florida was killed in a wrong way. Crash in Kentucky say a salmon Reema Abbass were driving northbound on I seventy five in Kentucky with their three children. When a pickup truck travelling southbound hit their SUV head on investigators say they believe the driver of the pickup truck Lee, Bailey was under the influence Osama bosses. Great uncle Hassan. Abbass says the deaths are a loss for the community. Anybody can hit about this. Is gonna feel it all five members of the family and Bailey were killed in that crash. Darrell Moody, News ninety six point five WDBO how about this government shutdown update. Some federal prison workers in Florida say the criminals are eating better than they are for inmates at the Coleman federal correctional complex just outside. Orlando thousands of murderers and gang members were served state dinners on New Year's day by unpaid federal guards. And it's not just the workers who find it ironic. Coleman prison union chief Joe Rowe Haas tells NBC news that while the prisoners feasted on a holiday spread of MAC and cheese, garlic, biscuits and pies. They laughed and mocked the disgruntled staff who are being forced to work without pay. In a statement the bureau of prisons says holiday meals are planned weeks in advance to promote morale for the inmate population. Samantha Jordan, news ninety six point five WDBO guy. We already got one reaction to this think about that steak dinners come on now. It must be nice steak dinners prison. Unbelievable. Make you a steak dinner. If you were my prisoners, Scott. Thank you, buddy. Appreciate that. You like that comment? I think that wasn't weird. Yeah. It was a little bizarre twelve twenty here at news ninety.

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