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Off. We are very excited to have founder and CEO of black Tech Street tyrants Billingsley II on the podcast today tyrants. How you doing? I'm doing pretty great man. Thanks for having me. This is this is a great opportunity. Got me all with my fancy lights and everything on Earth. I forget to mess around you take this very we take this as seriously as 2:00 on C ROM, and please don't tell any prior guests that Jesse gave you a microphone since he didn't do that for literally any of the other guests. Oh, no, the whole point was to let the market on special offer this man KO Jo to play Funiculi apologize to grab one of my guys. You are City konsa character you to tighten of the year. You have to tell some of the Jeff Monahan apologize. We are here to talk about black Tech Street future. Also Man of the Year. Yes. Yeah and twenty Twenty-One tells a man of the year which will be way better than 20/20 cuz this year's been terrible obviously dead. So tell us about the Genesis of black text rates are more boring very fulsome, you know here now African American Community grew up with the stories of Black Wall Street Journal know you all know the story of Black Wall Street was once the most affluent entrepreneurial African American community in the country ended up being destroyed in the Tulsa Race Massacre and that's kind of defined the narrative ever since even though we there were different iterations of Black Wall Street after work the massacre defined the narrative ever since so I got me thinking I've always been passionate about entrepreneurship and I've always been passionate about technology and it's supposed to change the world. So we got me thinking if Black Wall Street was a premier of innovation in a premier of Entrepreneurship back then had it not been destroyed would probably be the industry that it that it most it was wrapped in that most proliferated with the industry being the industry that is at the premiere of innovation and causing impact as well as wealth creation in the birth. I thought well and Black Wall Street been been supported and not destroyed. It would be nothing other than a premier Tech up. So thus black Tech Street was born so I you know go into it now or should I you know some more of the breakdown. Yeah. Well, I mean, so that's what you're told us was why why it should exist now tell us how it's going to exist in a black textured is going to be executed. Hey by leveraging multiple different National local Partners, but specifically around four pillars. So the first pillar is the relocation of African American startups African American and minority Focus Venture Capital firms and African-Americans will work remotely for major tech companies. So by doing that not only are we helping edify The Narrative of Tulsa's black as a black text Street. We're also, you know introducing a massive pool of Brilliance and even more talented into Tulsa's ecosystem because if Pulsa is a place where you age There are incentives for African Americans both the startups the capital and the brilliant remote workers to all come here almost as if like, it's always been home. You know, we're going to have a proliferation of incredible Talent incredible ideas. The second pillar is detect enabling of local African American businesses that are not inherently hockey stick growth companies. So what do I mean by that? We know that there are multiple different tech service jobs out there that can help traditional businesses to grow their revenue grow their customer acquisition and all sorts of things like that. So we're brokering a partnership with QuickBooks sales force in Google for Google analytics so we can offer a package of a lot of these different services to local African American businesses. Absolutely for free because you know Tech isn't just we don't want people to think of when we talk about tech. We're just talking about people with high growth tech company ideas. We want to produce more of those but also we're showing how immersing ourselves in tech industry and enhance can enhance and make more resilient every aspect of Our Lives that includes tradition. Was the third pillar is actually weaving a culture of type entrepreneurship throughout the African American Community beginning in Tulsa schools. So we're partnering with the person or an organization called Madge who specialize in finding different ways to integrate coding and Tech entrepreneurship skills in K through twelve programs and Throop additional schooling and our goal here is to create a pin dish creative engine appendage to the Tulsa Public School System where African-Americans who go through TPS be a either after school programs or other institutes that we partner with grow up with things like how to code and grow up learning the steps about tech up Tech entrepreneurship so that when they graduate they can go to schools like holberton in in just hit the ground running off or actually be certified when they graduate from high school as like software engineers and also that provides a viable third alternative to either go into a four-year University or going to a train Cool, if if there's a viable third alternative for African Americans to just come out of the school knowing how to code they can either go straight into the workforce but being a software engineer or the viable alternative of them starting a tech company because of the ecosystem we've built out is so robust that there's enough resources out there that really make that a viable option that you know Hedges the risks that decreases the risk that one would typically have that filler is so important is because we know that in the over the next the next ten years, there's going to be there's going to be almost a million jobs in the software Tech world that are going to go unfilled due to lack palette in both of these almost all these jobs are going to be under 100K or more. So if we are able to cultivate here and also a Workforce of African Americans to go on and help fill those jobs helping boom our economy, but not also provides a model for other cities to also understand that a way to remedy a problem of energy generation wealth in the African American Community might be through, you know, building them up to be a massive Tech work for Thursday. Intake entrepreneurs, the fourth pillar is advocating at the state and local level for minority in Tech family policy. So, you know interfacing with entities like NBC a NBC and off Aspen Institute in California to look at certain policies that cities have actually put in place to help take people both bad companies and a tech workers flourish. So whether that be something simple like the software tax cut that Oklahoma had recently adopted or things more advanced. We're going to be looking in a way to put those policies into place. But also when we say minority intake friendly policies without just meat home state and local level intrinsically because also mean policies within companies that make four more inclusive environments to help them Thrive. So between these four pillars, we plan to facilitate 1 billion dollars worth of investment in the African American Community via Tech facing Community Development initiatives over ten years. And the whole goal of it is even though black textured is the name of the entity like text. You were also be the new month. For four hundred years ago, we can destruction of Black Wall Street. The goal is to establish something that a hundred years from now. Our descendants will be able to commemorate the beginning of black text re off one of the things that you've talked about in some your writing is that sorry imposter syndrome and that one of the things that you want to tackle is is empowering wage like youth so that they don't automatically, you know, say well I can't I can't go into Tech. I'm not the right person. How are you going to attack that and and what's what's.

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