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Perpetrated on gun. Excuse me. Excuse me, kidding, folks, probably in the history of country. And somebody has to get to the bottom of it. Toady. Let's just play the game. What's Trump, the Trump tick game? So you try to just say something, you know, just true were relevant, anything climate change gives me excuse me. Excuse me. You know, you all know. People say. La, oh, should be proceeding apace with blowing up the entire planet that they're going to change the science of. Yeah. They're gonna change the science of their rather than. Yeah. Good times. Oh, by the way, I've become my friend, Mobis my neighbors, Mobis crisis counselor because he's been going through a rough time posted about how it's been affecting his health and business, and whatever, and he's posted apology, Natalie Portman. And there was a disagreement of, whether it was dating that they did, or with hand out or whatever, so. But anyway, he's lives a couple doors down. He's, he's an amazing activist for the environment and everything else. And so. He wrote me, he said he said the only way can make sense of all this happening. I have a huge platform, like even more people than usual are tuning into his social media because of, you know, as usual the celebrity stuff he did really heartfelt thing about the we are killing the planet. We are killing a million species going right, right extinct. The coral reef is disappearing the on and on. And he's like, well know platform to put this out there. It's just. They really are just a he is he's killing. He's killing me. It's not even just us, he's killing the entire okay. I've mentioned that are now. So I mean, he doesn't he doesn't care about anybody. Couldn't care less. Okay. What writer rob says won't let us see his taxes? His grades is health records is finances won't testify. Let anyone from his administration or family testify, this ignorant, lying, racist nurses, entire life has been one massive cover up. That's what people are saying. That's why Pelosi is good at knowing exactly what to Sean. She knows how to point right? And. No. I knew. Sleepy this morning. Okay. Larr. It's really still Monday. Monday. All morning long with these long weekends exhausted. No. But they were saying that's why she knows how to hit a nerve with him. You know. Yeah. Okay. Jacki Schechner super smart who was at the party was fantastic. She said, I have an idea maybe now that we have a pathological liar, as we shift the way we report news, instead of leading with Donald Trump says X we do research, sort out the facts and with Xs true what Trump says about something can be secondary. Yeah, it's really think this is about just beating down all of us in the media to just so inured to this constant lying in name, calling somebody else said, I refuse to report any of his ridiculous nicknames anymore. Just it's, it's just saw that, that tweet. Yeah. Plus waiting recycled nicknames. What we're not good enough for new ones, you lazy pestered crazy Nancy's Bernie. Let's see what was the other one who's neck seen buns. You know, maybe he could combine it and call you crazy low IQ. Stephanie miller. Ooh. That would be a benefit of being correct. The accurate. I got there first. Speaking of exceptionally high Q Representative, Maxine, you don't want. She is a smart enough. It's thunder stand numbers, like, for instance..

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