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NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Normally this time of year, we're right around seventy eight or so in the afternoon, instead, we'll stay way above that. Again, our eighth day in a row with highs in the nineties that'll be a record longest streak on record in September. In denver. Today's high Ninety-three tonight a few clouds low sixty tomorrow, mostly sunny record is ninety three will be really close to that tomorrow. We welcome in the eighties on Wednesday with this very small chance for stray thunderstorm and in seventies to wrap up the week from CBS four Amash now teary on KOA NewsRadio. Eight fifty AM and ninety four one FM seven thirty two and sixty eight degrees with clear skies in Denver now on Colorado's morning news in the southeast the death toll from hurricane Florence now at seventeen a three month old baby died in North Carolina yesterday when a tree fell on the family's home the us. Marines are in the area surveying all the damage as the region continues deal with heavy flooding from this system. So far what we're dealing with is probably the most catastrophic disaster. This county has seen in the last fifty or sixty years since hurricane. Hazel came in in nineteen fifty four David Bryson with Onslow county, North Carolina crews have performed more than two hundred water rescues including people from their cars off the roofs of their homes. He says the flooding has been historic. We have tremendous amount of storm surge and flooding the has gone around our county we've actually hit hit record level flooding over twenty five twenty seven feet of flooding in our rivers, many rivers in north and South Carolina expected to crest today as rain continues to fall the search and rescue operations are taking their toll on Colorado's task force one that's out in that region. KOA NewsRadio Connor shreve is live with that part of the story and that team may certified FEMA rescue team lots of experience working even things like a Hurricane Katrina years ago. They performed dozens of rescues so far out in North Carolina and out of Pembroke, North Carolina. That's about fifty miles inland. But it how scary moment over the weekend near there where floodwaters. Tipped a vehicle carrying evacuees flash flooding about fifty miles inland. Forced that rescue.

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