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Wha if you think back when he was he was climbing he became a very good climber and he was trying to. He was competing and doing a lot of stuff. Then he had that accident. yeah. He taught finger. He chopped his finger off and what they're doing is they're telling all these story about how he's climbing up until the point before he dropped his finger off and you're like well. He's a crazy climber. He's very good. How do you how do you maneuver and grab onto these little things and this and that and then all of a sudden they go and say all and he's dropped his finger off by the way like hold on a second. Yeah it's imperative you. It's because you know he's gonna climb the wall and that's the whole documentaries and you sitting he thinking hold on a second. You're telling me these finger. Trump is a documentary about him actually climbing iming. I'm immersed wanna watch even more yet. Impressive pot about that was to kind of give people context with the finger like obviously with your index was these index finger at which bomb mechanically index finger. Proably along with your thumb which is more of an anti index finger does pretty much everything else. A god you are the three fingers. Okay so you got lucky for your first crease which is closest to you knuckle. And then you got your second cresa. That's essentially proximal or your district. Nfl joe joint. An he chopped off at the proximal. Which is the one closest to the to the knuckle. So he doesn't have the the The tip of his finger. Mind you you seventy is essentially. I don't know how big this thing is right. But essentially it's a flat piece of granite wall and you add extremely vertical extremely vertical then as a free climate would heavily rely on your fingertips. Yeah your fingertip. Because you're anchoring and then obviously every other muscle your body which they which they would use to climb this thing right and then i'm then like always you know because i'm not. How is he doing this biomechanically and looked at how he did it and he wanted to essentially was what he was doing is he's indexing was not doing anything at all. Yeah he's he was able to over time. Some hell able to train his middle finger to bend and land lamp with his thumb. Yeah it'll bend laterally which it doesn't because it only only flexes you middle finger right he somehow benz laterally and then does this over-extension with his thumb to cover up deficiency of his lower the lack of the in an index finger. Yeah it's just that alone. It's how how he's able to maneuver. It was like wow but then when you look at him climbing these wall you like that's even more well and like on some of these parts of the wall you've got like millimeters of shop rock protruding out which like and they literally rely on the tips of your fingers to just almost anger in ripon mischief fingernail. Yes and you like like that blew my mind and then you then you realize just how they go about climbing these wall and he and has spent the garnaut leading spend weeks planning seeing years. He spent yee's even going by himself. He went to the top of the manton he then climbs down by himself. Yeah and maps out the entire wall and goes okay. I've climbed they call it. What they call pitches which is essentially a like It's anchoring your age homes..

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