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Game followed by the nuggets, and blazers going at it and Portland is forty eight hours after the two teams play perhaps the greatest playoff game of all time Portland winning in quadruple overtime to take a two games to one lead nuggets might be down. But they're not out Nikolai Yokich who played over sixty five minutes in that game. Three defeat says the team has to stay unified you're covering each other reveal or I mean, both have a lot of games in playoff. But the team is veal was fighting together. We're going to travel together Celtics and boxers in their series tomorrow in Boston. The walkie leads two games to one chance. Marcus smart might be back from that oblique injury going through a full contact practice today Stanley Cup playoffs. The stars have a chance to close out the blues at home Dallas leading the series three games to puck drops just about a half hour from now baseball of games in progress. Royals and Tigers tied at one bottom five. Mariners trying to snap a six game skid seem like they're gonna do that. They leave the Indians. Eight zip in the bottom of the fourth. Jay, Bruce with a grand slam Edwin Encarnacion has also gone deep. Pirates have jumped out to a one nothing lead on the as in the top of the fifth also top five Braves and Marlins scoreless. Top of the second Red Sox and White Sox. Also, scoreless the Yankees won't have Luis Severino back till after the all star break without inflamed. Rotator cuff golf Wells Fargo championship. Final round action. Dole domino max Homa tied at the top at eleven under Darwin's book. We are CBS sports radio. And our Twitter handle is.

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