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It says, I am the way the truth in life no man will come to the father except that was Christ talking. Not the. Vatican. Right so I think that's where for for some people, it might be from that religious aspect right? Just a shame proneness that's brought in to you because. You're told that you can't have a relationship with Christ. You're not good enough. Right. Dev Relationship of Christ. That's again. That's wrong. Right? We're not good enough to to be in God's presence. Nobody is like that part of it is absolutely correct. But crisis the bridge. Right, none of us are good enough. and. This. You know. It's one of those things right? We think were good but we're not. Nobody is right. But neither is that man sitting in the booth Right yeah I think that's where a lot of for some aspects for some people sure that that might stem from shore right and the other aspect is. The way this trip was presented to us right people at grew up in the church right? Especially children right children's aren't yet naive. We don't think for ourselves until we become an adult. So we get told certain things certain way, and then it doesn't pan out. And now we're met God right? Instead of our understanding we're not. We're not looking internally and saying, no, I just didn't understand what you're saying. We should ask you again. Right it's closed loop communication. If I don't understand you if you give me a directive and I don't understand you and I do it doesn't work. How can I be mad at you? Right. But that's we're doing God right we're blaming him for shortcomings. Because, we didn't ask him what is word means yeah? That's right and I think that's that's a big part of it is misunderstand the scripture right like. Outside of Catholicism then we went to. Southern. Baptist. Right. And it's the Hellfire and brimstone dude or I'll spank you. and. I just finished a chaplaincy course. And I. It was it was it was a privilege. To have have Canada as the main chaplain who taught the course like he was. An An. Israeli. Jew that eventually converted to Christianity and he got to read the Shimada us in Hebrew. And that just a beautiful of that scripture of Deuteronomy six four. Yeah it blows my mind right and again he explained it to us in the translation of it. We hear we read it in. English and the Western culture is. On This Day, command, you do it or else love me or else but that's not the way the text is written it's written as. You get to be in my presence because I love you. So. It's context and I really feel like we've perverted the context of the scripture. And that's you just said the word that I think describes it best. We perverted so much. We've perverted justice. So we call God just but it's because we define justice from our own carnell. Right from our own karnal standpoint..

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