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Harris county commissioner. Tom ramsey is our guest commissioner. I've known you. I think probably twenty years i have. I have ever crockett right. I remember that. I have never heard you call anything or anyone stupid and i have never heard you. I've never synced that. You were angry but i get the sense. That that lena had all go in. Adrian garcia working together to to kill what textile wants to do by expanding. I forty five did it has truly angered you. It has because i being someone that understands how hard it is to get. I project at this point and then we just kind of throw it why it took us fifteen years fifteen years to get this project at this point and for people to show up late in the game and had their own opinion based on zero experience and say in accurate things and to literally shut it down. Yeah that that that does make me angry. Because it doesn't serve the greater good. And i am the biggest advocate of underserved neighborhoods ever. 'cause i know what's going to happen when we don't get seven billion dollars to make these improvements. We're gonna have a cane core in the city. The center of explain what that means in talk about drainage aspect and remember. We're not all engineers. Okay when we they out the two major to the base where we had twenty two watersheds to the major watersheds come together downtown white oak in buffalo and that farms the houston ship channel. There is a lot of inefficiencies that they come together and we can do a great deal to lower the water surface celebration going both by us and by doing this project they pour. This project was to take text up buddy and address some very significant severe drainage issues in the downtown area there town north east. You know we that would that. Would that would be a part of it. It's two and a half billion dollars of just trying to improvements that are associated with s. They'll be places flooded because we don't we don't have this money and because tax dot not able to address those issues so it's just not the road you see. It's also the drainage associated with it. 'cause twenty to thirty percent of any transportation project is in fact a drainage project and that's what they're saying now too as well harvey doesn't feel like it was so long ago i mean we're talk coming up on four years. Are we better off in our detention and our in our drainage and our flood mitigation than we were the day before harvey. We are yes we are. I emphasize wait wave infested More dollars actual dollars in doing drained it medication in the last three years. And we have and there's a lot more to be And there's some creative solutions out there. We're working on a tunnel under ten. That would go all the way from We could do in. Housing grange by us. We could do by flow and we can get that water into the turning basin at the shared channel. There's so many things coming down the pike that we're going to need every dollar and when i see Agency as when. I see it just with total disregard and just really lack of understanding eliminate two point. Five billion from the equation makes me angry that that i know what the impact is going to be some leaders. I've just surprised michael. Everybody's been quiet. It's it's just crickets and your devastating transit. Your devastating flooding in the near downtown. You're devastating underserved neighborhood and one saying anything. They just had this constant rhetoric about well tech stocks. not listening. well. I've always been able to get in a room with any any of these groups and finally work out a solution but i keep getting back to i don optimistic when the federal government shows up. Because they don't know anything about what aren't they each are here in houston harris county. Hear well you've got the transportation. Commissioner pete buttigieg talking about highways are racist. You know that's that's very disturbing that kind of language. And what they're doing in austin literally ripping up the payment that disturbs me but commissioner. What do you say tom. Ramsey is our guest. What do you say to the folks and this is kind of the pitch left is making all go and turn these folks that that i forty that they don't you. Don't wanna have this construction in your town. You don't wanna have to live through this and you don't wanna be the place that people are travelling through this community that this isn't local. How much of the traffic on forty five kids local. How much of this is our people traveling to and from because in the early two thousands. When i was studying this closely we were using our highways as local streets. And i assume that's probably still the case. I mean he can't get to get from point. I want they. If i've doing time spring valley out to report On the east freeway. So is our local quarter worst. That's why we're using. But we're sharing that. With major transportation age of the port major evacuation age of rage. And so the. It's being used for many different ways. They would make it after. Be lock bunch of folks coming in something laying And they they they don't wanna they wanna live out and some other area kind of use this as some computer. That's not that's not the that's not the issue that's not typically What the priority of this is. It is our major Transportation corridor for big important things like transit life port servicing. The poor lied a evacuation route during hurricane. That's why it's there and then it ends up being as you say a for usage local transportation age. And we're just we're just saying you know what we're we're just live with way as i'm not willing to live with it the way i guess that's why i'm so angry. We have got an opportunity to fix this. And we're just blowing commissioner. What percentage of traffic that is headed northbound on. I forty five out of downtown is headed to see mattress mac and exit Between tidwell and pork would you estimate that the very law expert death brought it does its impact factors back absolutely well. He's a good man and you're a good man. Thank you for being our guest. I gotta say in twenty years of knowing you. I have never seen you this fired up and i love it. I mean this. Just i'm i'm i'm delighted in you. Tell cable to get in on getting their own with you. Get him some of that too. Thank you buddy back..

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