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The hardball times about how like the ten dates l isn't as big of a deal as everybody made it out to be because this year sucked everyone everyone everyone is hurt it's like oh really justin really okay check this out by the way i did this just when you go and you hit your a on our leaderboard it sorts it by worst dra because everything does descending and i remember asking dave cameron a long time ago when i didn't work at like i was the annoying guy in twitter hey could you make it so that the leader boards on era and whip actually do a sending when you click on them instead of having click twice because i have two two miles clicks and that's very difficult for me exactly ex thank you and he was like listen geek i don't know how to do any of that and he blocked me gnomes clean we actually you know everything's kind of like an everything one way or the other like words you know a sending everything getting sorted by zero wins exactly so the the bottom line is when you click it it goes descending so i was looking and check this out these are the guys against sorting area from highest lowest center in the quote unquote top twenty aka the worst twenty for era mccullers second lewis casteel third kevin costn six and i it's a rain right these aren't all aces but i'm just showing the range of guys that are all guys on my claims right so mccullers to at least casteel three kevin gosper and six lucas deleo nine chris archer ten paxton eleven ray twelve danny duffy seventeen and tanaka nineteen picking alex would at twenty one and cole hamels at twenty two in quintana twenty seven like.

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