Donald Trump, President Trump, Singapore discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


That that is president trump's motorcade there are first glimpse were getting of administer we saw some of those motorcycle advanced writers but there is the the president's limousine as it heads to cintos island nisha was saying there is just one road from a singapore to to the island at self i it's obviously a place that can be secured in much more easily than the rest of of this city here given that there is just one road there's also cable cars that go the president's motorcade moving very slowly we haven't seen president trump out and about really at a very much at all certainly on the streets in singapore he met with the the the prime minister of of singapore yesterday and also some diplomatic personalities have been meeting with with his team at the hotel but we did see those remarkable images of of kim jong on on going for a bit of a walkabout yesterday down by the gardens by by the bay and also to a hotel were surrounded by bodyguards but there you see the president's very long motorcade as it slowly heads towards santosa island the president the first to leave his hotel kim jong un he has yet to depart from the from the hotel but there are certainly a lot of people who are very anxious to to see what goes on that the timing of all this that's the view outside kim kim jong un's hotel of the timing of this is in about nine o'clock is when the meeting is supposed to begin the handshake is supposed to begin.

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