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Fuming because traffic's not moving and metro bus goes zip and bought. So there may be a jealousy factor there, but it also a safety factor. And I wondered that when they first started doing it. There's not that much room on the shoulder of the road. If you ever had a flat tire or breakdown, and it had the unfortunate circumstance to have to wait for some some help on the side of the road. You know, how narrow it is over there. Abbass is tremendously wider than a passenger car truck. And so to have a a bus us that essentially as another lane is a little bit disconcerting, isn't it? A there've been times where traffic stopped on my window down and my elbow out the window and just kind of sitting there in my car or truck rather and a metro bus will go whizzing by in the left lane. And it's unnerving because you can literally feel the vibration, and it feels weird on your arm because the air, I don't know how close they come. But those those things get damn close to the people in the turn lane. I'm surprised accidents. Don't happen more with the metro buses driving on the shoulder of the road. But I thought that after the accident today it went. How is it possible that that because you're a bus you're allowed to break break traffic laws? I don't I don't understand who thought that was a good idea as well as a metro bus, and we need people to rise up the hell you want. Why don't you just let them leading drive ninety miles and maybe just a pet peeve of mine? But I saw that today went there you go. You got an accident with a metro bus driving in the on the left shoulder as they often do and there's not much room between that shoulder and the other three lanes of traffic and.

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