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Based on what i know about. I am legend this one. i think. Wow this absolutely sticks to original star light matter that's We also watched Antebellum this is something that amazon prime was. Roy gaddis So you've got gentleman playing a Fester of african american studies who mysteriously finds herself as a slave on fantasia in In the south at the start of the civil. There's a lot lot lot lot more going on than just that But the way it is an interesting an interesting show that interesting movie Another one that prime is was pushing us a bit shirley This is Elizabeth mosses newest mood. Yes so she plays the the tischler shirley who is An eccentric writer Kind of going through a dry spell. Her husband teaches english at the local versity And this young couple. The husband is coming in as an associate professor Under a shirley's husband and then his wife who was staying with her while the two of them are staying with the surely and her husband To students tried to get themselves settled in this university town and so the story is more or less relationship the wife While shirley tries to you story of the disappearance of one of the co eds as the plot for next great novel and there's a lot of interplay because she's kind of using the wife as a stand in for the character And so we get a lot of scenes where we're not too sure. Is this wife that actually interacting shirley or is it the the character that sh- ramiz creating taking on the form of So if you if you're kind of into psychological what's going on and what's happening next That's most of what's been going on with me in the last month you can tell you're working all right. Let's let's move onto dwayne. Oh it's been kind of quiet. I've actually been watching a small amount of tv lately. Which is a switch specifically. I've got caught up tomorrow from offseason. So i was pretty enjoyable. I liked it. It's a good ensemble cost you know very brennan. Ross leave but oh that's pretty good the other show the watching his. Yeah i just started. That have actually watch the full parts yet. So i'm actually caught up. So i've seen all four state Marble has taken and they said this publicly. Note out of the mandalorian playbook and that's why they've gone with a one episode a week schedule. After the two episode premier expect slurped up four and the plot is really starting to move forward with episode. For so perfectly honest. I've found the first few episodes a little bit. Tough going because Vegetables on the cusp before. But i've recently come to loathe sitcoms retirement format as has been widely reported. There is an awful lot of a mahjong paying tribute to classics division. So but it's been worth I'm very impressed with Also and pulping Chemistry works in my opinion and also in particular cheese. She is the star. I mean the whole show may be called wanda vision. achie- as the star and. She has an awful lot to do hand. she's doing very well. So i look forward to the next episode. Because i'm very curious as to where things are going to go from here but that's largely it has far has. Tv goes some throws tv related tangent. And some of the reading. I've been doing lately Finish the book that aboard. The library called son of a trickster by canadian author aaron robinson i believe the name is i could be wrong so my apologies and the book was turned into a television show by cbc call simply trickster cbc then turned around and sold it to the cw. And i believe that first season is currently airing out the states All the networks in the states of course have been severely impacted by covid nineteen shutdowns. And so they're very hungry for content can simply plugging employees and English language canadian. Tv shows were rather well in that respect unfortunately There will be no season. Two of trickster and the reason is a bit out of the ordinary that the show performed poorly for the cbc. It actually did quite well from what i understand The problem is that the showrunner and the.

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