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Any of them defected i think the penalty was two point five million well in nineteen fifty nine sixty that's a significant penalty that's the quivalent of probably twenty million or close to it now and so it was kind of a bar against the easy defection but then when they got the the assurances from existing clubs national and american league clubs to go to expansion then they they began jumping on that route and rook ricky couldn't hold them together if ricky a young man like ban johnson he might have pulled it off i i don't know ricky ricky i keep coming back to ricky ricky is such an interesting figure he was accused of putting together socialized baseball with his his new economic model for the continental league and i i point out that that's one of the really interesting features of the new league but it wasn't a socialist model it was really a corporate model ricky had in mind that the new league would operate sort of like us steel did you would you would sign the corporate entity would sign all the players and control all the players and control salaries and control training sites control everything managers everything and the portion and the players to clubs as they need them sort of the way a large corporation would do in moving personnel around within the corporation all right just when it was getting interesting let's let's bring this to a grinding halt shall we just kidding we gotta pay the bills around here and our friends at audible have been very helpful in attempting to allow us to pay some of those bills and we want to call them out now and remind you that to a free audiobook download is yours for the taking and also free one month subscription to the service of audible at audible trial dot com slash good seats again audible trial dot com slash good seats for your free onemonth trial of the audible service and interestingly most interestingly a free audiobook down though for you to enjoy hundred and eighty thousand titles and growing every day to choose from and there's absolutely no excuse to not fine at least one title amongst that cavernous selection available to you that you won't find to be enjoyable and and good for the soul including a couple of books that might be interesting.

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