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Certainly Corolla breeds a tweet from James woods. I'm getting a job from your mom. Now back to the Adam Corolla shell and he's Eucker and studio the book, he started it my Twitter war with Trump is available now at Amazon, and you can bookmark us and click on through. It's always good for us. And the proceeds go to charity the World Wildlife Fund and Planned Parenthood is well good. See again, it's great to see you. Thanks for having me on hygiene. My pleasure. We'll talk about the book, we'll talk about modern family and should roll huge fans, and to me modern family sort of brought back the sitcom genre for me. It was it was kinda gone. It was oh were were were moving onto a single Cam. And I know you guys are single Cam. But I mean, like Garry shandling or curb your enthusiasm or other sopranos over just moving away from sitcoms, and they brought me right back, which I guess good writing can do. Yeah. Genius. What was so subversive about the show, and I didn't create it was created by God. Steve Levitan, Chris, Lloyd. But it was that it wasn't revolutionary. It wasn't cynical. It wasn't subversive. It was sort of like it was you know, you think about the comedies of the nineties and the early thousands. I love those and wrote on a lot of them. But it was a lot of people slam each other. And and the show family that really loved each other was weirdly revel. Lucien area at the time. So also, it's it's it's weird. How we're wired as human beings, which is there's this imaginary sort of camera crew on a fourth wall and people would have their little sit downs there. You know in the wral the biz I think they the calm like a God confessionals. Yeah. Confessional. I come over here and tell me what just happened. Yeah. And they do it and you go. Well, isn't that going to bump people for Mattingly, and it doesn't and then also people will flash the camera. Yeah. Like, they'll go fill look at the camera like, oh what's going on? And you think well, wait a minute. We're not in the confessional anymore. Why we flashing the camera because now this is supposed to be life. And it doesn't bump you either. That was a lot of discussion early on. I remember when we came in. Because I didn't do the pile up on the first episode we'll kind of came in with and when I was under the impression that it was going to be much more present documentary crew there in terms of like almost like the offices. You know, it's like memory. And so I had pitched it there is a cousin who has not signed a release. And so they would be pixellated the entire run of the show. And and Steve levity had had a really smart thing about this. Because they were debating whether to do it in an early draft a documentary and was one of the characters, but they said we don't like a family that's going to be on a reality show. We don't care a family that's going to make that choice is sort of. It's not you couldn't tell the same heartwarming stories. And I think he was really smart about that. Yeah. Well, it's weird in that. I mean comedy is really this way maybe more than than anything else, which is it either works or doesn't work. It's it's weird. Having this is my my beef with the the the system the studio system as you sit in a room with people and argue about what's going to work, and what's not going to work, and nobody has any idea. No. Because every example of every movie ever loved would've never worked in that room. Yes. And including modern family, which is like flashing the camera and doing the confessionals and stuff like that. So let's let's just right. The funniest show. We can write and check it out. But please stop telling me, you know, it's not gonna work 'cause nobody knows anything. Yeah. Getting the best cast. That's all luck. This the other. I can talk for hours about what I hate about the studio system, everybody's competing for the same actors at the same time every pilots, and so sometimes a great actor will be up, but they've already committed to show that's going to be done in three. And so it's just luck..

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