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Pay smart pick. So you went with prince Senator Dr ski from. Animal house. Dave, Dave, Senator Georgia are banks and then president Camacho. It's is Camacho macho. Okay, Jack, you picked all Leo characters. J of your Howard Hughes. Amsterdam Vallon, Jordan Belfort, Jay Gatsby. I picked president MacKenzie which is Michael Keaton king. Ralph to Challah Black Panther the emperor Star Wars president will Cooper, Kevin James PD, James Marshall, all James Cromwell characters pick William Wallace Fossa and Sindbad from Sinbad the first kid and the audience pick, James Whitmore. Tom Beck from deep impact. Richard Nixon from watchmen ABRAHAM LINCOLN, vampire hunter and Steve. Curls. Evan Baxter from Evan all-mighty. Oh, boy, fun house list. Yeah. Read it. We had that guy talk about fantastic beasts how how stupid we were for not liking the movie and our one of our posters. Stooling grunts at I like, happy Madison movies, and Jeff doesn't appreciate those either. I. Feel your pain brother? And this guy went into a very he goes, those aren't good films and couldn't be more difficult a different to above to the above discussed one as an fantastic beasts and he breaks down. It's not about lack of appreciation basic tastes about the moral grandstanding attacking a fan base in the presumptive ignorance lights in the creatives that he seems to be ranting about in regards to this film in particular. Okay, and instantly Grun replies. Have you ever seen pixels? And the guy goes very poor poorly made film with no substance sort of vendors Infinity war and then still gun. Grunt? Replies. Poorly. Made film, though, substance you, probably don't get the intricacies of the script. A lot of people. Don't have the brainpower to understand the messages behind the film. You must be one of those people. And then the Harry Potter guy goes in video doesn't have the mature themes sophisticated world building or narrative complexity of crimes of grin. The Walt get out of here squid or I don't feel so good are horrible dialogue. It doesn't have any tangible cinematography the direction is typical for the John odd. Yes. And uninspired before his range from bad to. Okay, the scores. I don't know what that is a mess that seeks to highlight action, set pieces alone, and the design is also unsubtle lazy and not at all compost. Infinity war is not a well-made film. And then still grunt replied talking about pixels. It is it was honestly the best part of that threat. Because that guy thought he was really doing something good public service getting home. Fantastic. I find your read it. He just searched her. Search fantastic beasts on Reddit went post history. That guy's awesome. Yeah. He isn't passionate about something very passionate. And we've mentioned the funniest part about it was that he called the Harry Potter movies trash. He only stands fantastic beasts. That's like me standing for the new Star Trek movies. Yeah. Exactly. Yes. Yeah. I'm gonna have to start watching these. And then go find some Star Trek. Right. So roasting the nerds. Yeah. You're gonna have to do it. Wow. Thanks again. PF t- that was fun. Yeah. Thank you. Good pleasure. We're don't beat you guys as badly. This time in the pool. That's gonna be. I think I got this one. It's an electric because I'll have people that people that get it gonna vote for me, also anybody if we get the postal sports main counter in that people that don't get are gonna be Wall Street this guy rules for me. Anyway, tell you end the Jordan Belfort now do I play the one from early? I getting Jordan Bill for the best search. He's like giving TED talks. Somehow to prison. Totally fine. No issue there. You're the hero movie made about him. Basically..

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