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I was talking to your screener, Um You know that Vince Young was like, you know, the best college player you ever seen. You know, he beat you of them. He beat us. See, you know, the biggest underdog games and you know the performances were excellent. And you know if you want to say he fizzled out in the NFL You could probably say that, Um, now one team with Justin fields that really stands out and you might see this happened. I forgot. I'm sorry, Sam. What is? What is Vince Young have to do with Justin Justin Fields. Well, you you're saying that, you know, a 60 d performance. You know, if you beat Alabama he's gonna be you know, they're gonna look at you know, everybody's gonna try to get him. You know, Vince Young I don't think Justin could pass what Vince Young did in the college gate. If you ask me Well, I've view them is is too different to different type of players. Justin Fields is more efficient. I find him to be a better passer. He has a higher Uh, passing percentage. He's not out there running around like Vince Young was. I see him as being a more cerebral and efficient passer where events was just Like I'm going to treat this like it's the backyard, so I don't know if I'd make the same comparison. Dustin 6 ft five J. R. So I mean, where you gonna go with that? I mean, he's 6 ft five. And you're not saying that he can't punish in the running game. So then you have well, Sam, what are we? What are we talking about? A. I don't think he's I don't think he's that damn big maybe is, I would say Vince's I've been around Vince Young. Whether he I don't think he is that big. He's still a young man. So who the hell knows? Maybe he's grown, But then they're not the same type of quarterback. So what is your point with the size here? He doesn't He has not run. Like Vince Young Vince Young Justin is 6 ft five. Just what he'll just 6 Ft Five. Yes. Oh, yes. Oh, running game. But I just wanted to touch on this chair. You're breaking it down. Great. Okay. You know, I could see Jerry Jones making a big play for Justin fields. He's got the money to do it. And the money. I could see the Cowboys. If Justin goes to the cowboy, you know, all pro performance. Okay. Well, thank you, Sam. I appreciate you for calling up from Detroit. Thank you so much. That left me kind of scratching my head a little bit. Super producers to Kovacs. Yes, Share. You. You Broke it down real good, but I don't know what the hell he was saying to me. Yeah, He did mention that a few times that you broke it down. Real good. Yeah. I don't understand the comparison. I mean, I know that maybe is going for the fact that both Impressed the late in their college careers, but they're not. You're right. They're not the same quarterbacks senseless. Vince Young was running around. He was getting like 1000 yards on the ground, and I'm pretty sure Justin could go and do that if he wants to, But you know what? If I can throw 40 touchdowns and complete 70% of my passes and not throw interceptions and not get tackled and not have to run. I'm probably just going to throw the football. So I didn't I didn't understand that one too much. But maybe Scott from Miami, can you know? Make some sense? He is. Scott, You are CBS Sports Radio. What's on your mind? Scott? What you thinking about? Yes. Hello. Uh, I'd like to say that Justin Fields is not in the same league as Tom Brady and bill like Scott Scott. What are you saying here? I'm saying that that it breaks my heart that Robert Kraft unloaded Tom Brady. And when you think how great he was, and you compare him just like to Justin Fields, it's not the same. Same. We got justice Field is like a Chevrolet compared to a Rolls Royce. Tom Brady, and I won't. No, no. Oh, no, no, no. Scott, I'm gonna ask you another question. Scott. Why does that even Just come into your brain. Well, why does that even matter? You're a Patriots fan, right? Yeah, No. On the contrary, I hate the Patriots, and I was kind of elaborate, but I wasn't able to. But anyway, Well, yeah, well, because one of the first things that you said was just we what you know who will Scott he? You know who should be compared to to Tom Brady. Who The guy's retired. He has a big head. Okay. He played in Indianapolis, and he also played that should be the only guy if you want to, say Tom Brady. That's Peyton Manning, and that's basically because their careers Mirrored each other in regards to lengthen time, But anybody else that is a waste of time, But go ahead. Scott, What's your point? My point is this It breaks my heart that Robert Kraft unloaded Tom Brady and Because of this is the worst missed a craft ever made, and there's no more Super Bowls for so called Patriot Station. You know what's pathetic that Robert Kraft is around it suck. Before you wanted to go off on a tangent. If you want to talk about the biggest mistake that Robert Kraft didn't had nothing to do with Tom Brady and had him going into a massage parlor. Okay? And then being able to pay his way out of that. And so I appreciate your Scott for calling up and just Making ridiculous statements. I mean, we gotta we gotta stop there. I mean, Comparing Tom Brady to Justin Fields. I think Tom Brady would probably laugh atyou. I laughed at you and Justin Fields would probably laugh at you as well. So I appreciate you for coming by and giving us some humor, even though I don't think you were trying to be funny. And speaking of funny Those are the type of things that that happened when you evaluate or think about quarterbacks. Unfortunately, I feel some general managers have the same thoughts. They look at a quarterback, they become enamored. They fall in love that quarterback becomes a bust. Becomes a waste. Don't think that will be the case with Justin Fields. I think whatever team that ends up having him as their quarterback is going to get inefficient quarterback someone who ultimately when the game slows down for them. You know, Ken can complete 67% of his passes. Someone who can give you 25 30 touchdowns. Run for another six or seven. And I think that's the type of player he can develop into and let's see what happens. I just wonder whether or not it's going to be the New York Jets. And if not, I certainly hope the Falcons can get their hands on their hometown guy. Justin Fields. Time will tell. Do you know what In a few minutes on a few seconds here. I'm gonna take a break. When we come back because it's Wednesday night, it's going to be time for another top six list..

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