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For that report. Now, we go to ten ten wins. Reporter Roger stern Cynthia Nixon campaign in Brooklyn. Roger Mario Cynthia Nixon spoke for about twenty-five minutes, giving a concession speech saying this races over the Democratic Party is just beginning taking credit for moving the party to the left, and then listing all sorts of liberal reforms reforms she wants to see and she thinks are more likely now because she entered this race and change the dynamics this was an uphill race from the beginning. She was outspent. She did not have the support of the establishment or the union as did governor Cuomo. She was a political neophyte taking on a governor who is touted his accomplishments and in the end it wasn't enough. She was beaten almost two to one Roger stern ten ten wins live at the Nixon watch. Chc party in flatbush Brooklyn. Roger thank you very much again in the race for governor easy projected winner to over one win. Andrew Cuomo Cynthia Nixon projected winner race for Lieutenant governor Kathy. Okola fifty three percents Williams forty seven race for attorney general. The projected winner is Letitia James also in the state Senate race come Jeff Klein upset by Alexander Biaggi also upset winners who unseated incumbents today. Lubyanka Ronald Salazar remember to keep it here on ten ten wins and ten ten wins dot com for the latest results democratic primary wins news time eleven oh five. There's word Michael Bloomberg making plans apparently for an presidential run twenty twenty. That's what times of London's report quoting sources, but the billionaire New York mayor adding him he will run as a democrat. I hit about a possible. Presidential running poorly telling those attending a high dollar fundraiser in June about preppy twenty twenty. When time eleven oh six now the sound of fury hurricanes Lawrence. Getting closer. Landfall projected sometime tomorrow afternoon at the earliest, according to experts of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Hitting the Carolinas. Apparently with a projections of dumping up to twenty to forty inches of rain in some parts. We find ten ten Al Jones on the banks of the Cape. Fear river, it's a place. You don't wanna be when Florence grows near? Andrea art is almost offended when I asked her why she staying when most are leading because we've gone through this so many times, and maybe has called.

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