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He feels He won. I think that one year there 2014 when I was there. I think it was on Alistair, 2015. He still more strikes and you're out of your Molina did And so he's still strike calls for great. He hung a man, his friendly. It's awesome. And so for me That's a lot of the little things that they people don't understand that he's able to keep his pictures and they will count. Not because they threw a strike, but he made it look like they did. And so I think I think that they had a good Here's a good report. Young players. Young players don't pay him to eat, and he's very, very good at governing empires a little bit. Nothing. You don't offer a game that you will be exposed by him not being behind the plate. But then again, it's Honestly for me if I'm him, I'm like maybe, but my kids may matter more. You mean more to me than framing a pitch right now, and he's always been that way. He's always said basically comes from my family. I'm not that kind of guy. He's always been that way. And and I really appreciate that about him, but that's what you'll see. He really is a great man. He is a good catcher, that people have no idea until he's gone. What he brought what he's going to bring that what he brought to the table. Now we know because you've told us that he'll he would actually tell your pitches stinks. And he'd give you the eye roll occasionally. So we know his relationship with you was very direct. Would he treat how would he treat Linthicum Kane? Ah Bumgarner did did he have that somebody would get on them too. I mean, I do I know you had on you. But how would he treat those guys? That's different, you know, with bum You know they can't you know you want to get out in this alien a little bit. That's a good bump. Bump. Stubborn, right bum bum. Bom Bom called. You gave a lot of times. Hey, man, He has a right to do that, you know, and he got paid because you did it and sometimes They would disagree on some pitches or on. That's OK, that is OK, but I didn't really get into it, You know? Most of us will walk out there. You know, it'd calm him down. He really say a whole lot of he'd go over stuff with foam and and caner. You know where it came? Really? He's opioid guys laid back if you look on the mound, I mean, this stuff's not worked in. He'll look at Bustard Hitler back at you Miss it a little talk. We'll talk more in between innings, right? They got 67 innings to talk. And I felt like my holy chances. Doctor Buster was after they threw a bad pitch. You know, like, Look right now. It was giving up. They suck. I'm not gonna have time to talk to you for a beat down there kicked off in the tunnel. So can we just talk right now? Like my ability, pitched pitches. Why, Doctor, But, you know, you know lynching of ideology. Thinking nasty. So, like you talk to the guy, you just throw it up there, you know, through all kinds of crap up there and swung and missed at it. There wasn't a whole lot to talk about, you know, and, uh, I'll be the one to tell you. Well, you know most people you don't have to toddle through an inning a little bit more and, you know, massage visit about himself. So I don't think it was like, Hey, what was your funniest interaction with him on the mound? I have a pitch, and they hit it 18 hopper through the infield. And I turned around. And I called Buster out of the mountain and buster kind of jobs, his head He takes his mask up and get halfway to me and home plate goes It was fine. It was an 18 hopper through the shift. You threw a strike like that. It's fine, like sorry Dad walked up you. You let me ask you every time I ask him where it was like whatever is good. It's like what it's like when I'm sitting in my recliner. And and I can hear that one of my kids like you know, they hit the wall or they fell or something. And you know how it is. When your parent you know when your kid is seriously hurt because there's a boom and then there's an immediate help or something. But I'll hear that and then, like Daddy, Daddy, I'm like I got to get up and I get halfway between my recliner in their room and I'm like you're fine. Are you fine? Tell it Tell us a little bit about what went on. Go ahead. Not funny. Interact with them. I threw it. I think it was a curveball once that got hit her over. And I looked back at him. He looked at me and I said that was definitely a bad pitch already don't know that. That's what we did have a couple of those interactions. But AH, tell us a little bit about the charity bash. It's gonna be virtual. Pregame party. 26. Yeah, This is an interesting one until I 26. It is virtual. I've never done one of these. I thought they worked. But I'm like, you know what? We're going to run with it. Unfortunately, with the 21st Amendment off obvious reasons, we can't be there. Um, but we're going to do it and I think it could be fun. We've been trying to do the best we could to kind of prepare for it and do some stuff and have some fun auction items and we got some players were trying to line up to do some interviews with and Amy G's really helping out that It is going to be right before that Giants Dodgers game. At 7 p.m. The game. I think we're at 5 p.m. to come again..

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