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Here's John cleven. Thank you. Justin. Good evening. It's sixty eight degrees, mostly cloudy skies at O'Hare alderman, Carrie Austin canceled, her ward meeting. Today after the feds rated her thirty fourth ward office, on Wednesday, friends and co-workers came to her defense. Today, people, please do not rush to judgment, the carry us in that I know is a person of great integrity and upgrade. Character do not know what this is about love supporter. I know that the federal government has a job to do, and they're doing their investigation, but I know times like this seems where everybody seems to abandoned and be I'm not here to judge what's happening. I don't know what's going on feds. Walked out of her office, with five boxes labeled evidence, along with computers. She has not been charged the rates connected to the same investigation, which led to a federal indictment of longtime alderman, Ed Burke, murder charges for a man accused in the fatal shooting of a woman at northwest side. Walgreens Thirty-three-year-old Lewis Hicks junior was charged with three felonies this afternoon, first degree murder false impersonation of an officer and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon. Forty six year old sir c Varnedoe was shot in the Belmont, Craig and Walgreens last week. Police. He said the store manager caught her shoplifting and called the former security guard who falsely identified himself, as a CPA officer. He had an argument with the woman, which turned physical and he then shot Varnedoe and took the shell casing with them. Hicks turned himself into police at the fifth district station. He is doing bond court tomorrow. It was another week of the Chicago police department. Pulling offenders off the street, just to have the court release them within days, a tweet this afternoon from Chicago police chief communications, oftener officer, Anthony, Guglielmi states, this past weekend, Chicago police officers arrested thirty three individuals on felony gun charges. Superintendent Eddie Johnson just two weeks ago, stating his aggravation with this exact issue if we keep arresting multiple times, then where do we need help from is not the police officers on resting because it's not that police officers on arrested in, we'll let weapons because they are Guglielmi and his tweet also noted that as of today, nineteen of them were released by the courts on bond of those nineteen defendants fifteen. Released on bond a day after their arrest members of both parties, weighing in on what the president, should do about Iran, destroying one of the US, military's surveillance. Drones, here's ABC's Alec stone. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer urging the president not to go to war. I told.

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