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The way to develop road Waltham Laurie granny WBZ's traffic on the three is great not exactly a lovely morning here in Boston and we've got everything headed towards our way we've got some sleet and freezing rain now mostly rain here in the greater it's an area and points north and west of town as well as the temperature started to rise were thirty six degrees and the rain is going to turn to mostly drizzle otherwise cloudy skies for the rest of the day today as we get once again into the middle forties tonight the we'll start to come off we're gonna see clearing skies that's the plus the minus is it's going to be very cold tomorrow not getting out of the twenties in fact there will be a wind chill as well none the less bright sunshine tomorrow as we head into the upcoming weekend the start of it looks like it's going to be called the long holiday weekend Saturday or Sunday and Monday look to be a little bit warmer and dry right now it's Wes raining here in Boston thirty six degrees seven oh five probably don't need to tell you this but I will anyway paychecks you may have noticed don't seem to be going as far as they once did a new study finds that nearly a third of US workers aren't even living paycheck to paycheck they're typically running out of money before the next payday a survey commissioned by salary finance covered more than twenty seven hundred employees working at larger companies with five hundred or more employees and the financial stress was a cute across the board regularly affecting even those earning more than a hundred thousand dollars a year the rising cost of living getting most of the blame affecting everything from food and housing to education and medical expenses Jim Chevy CBS news five people now under arrest destination Boston municipal court they are charged with breaking and entering in a building in Chinatown the squatters are now accused of busting into a four story building broken window left behind in all a police by Boston police canine dog help to find the first woman in the building up on the fourth floor again all of them being hauled into court well they.

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