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I know in the defense to i think is exciting i've always been vic fangio fan back since when he was the coordinator for the forty niners back in the day and i just think they've got some weapons on that defense i'm a little bit worried about their pass rush i think that's that's the thing warm thing i'm worried about but under got some guys the one area of that team that i have significant concerns about is the pass rush after all this is settled i feel like the secondary is solid they were so last year means a group of players that can just play bryce callahan's of sal is a decent saw corner i like the amukamara fuller pairing the safeties are good just like clean good and then sapir trevi 'then with roquan smith now the interior defensive line with goldman and hicks is just a really decently god i shouldn't do this i'm going as i shouldn't do this it's here's my thing the way that i feel about the bears is you know you can bad mouth your own relatives but no one else can that's when you like absolutely not i'm allowed to be excited about the bears but no one else can match at least in that situation i'm controlling the juju in the universe so when you're doing that daddy i'm just not comfortable with it yeah i totally get that i don't know you all keep it together but to me on like just from a curiosity standpoint like i'm really excited to watch how this kind of plays out i think that their offense is gonna be fun they've got some cool weapons and whatever the nfc is really really hard and trubisky is only in a second year so that could like it could go terribly but i still am really just it's gonna be fun to watch.

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