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Gordon, GUS, Gulf Coast discussed on Orlando's Morning News


Gordon? It's Honey to Arkansas the storm brushed the Gulf Coast and came ashore overnight in pascagoula, Mississippi now thousands without power one point. We're hearing forty thousand people Gus from that store up to one hundred ten miles per hour is still easily strong enough to knock down trees and power lines. As evidenced by the twenty four thousand homes and businesses in three states that have lost electricity. The bigger threat will be Gordon's rains at associated storm surge that will bring. Likelihood of flooding through Wednesday. That's reporter Jim Ryan. Now last week, we told you about a street racing crashed in pine hills are driver hit an empty school bus and another driver smashed into a house, or it's kinda deputy say this is an ongoing problem, it appears that for many people safety is of no concern. They're all also we've just seeing the drivers themselves die in some of these crashes Isabel. So they endanger the lives of the citizens at large endanger the lives of themselves. There's been seven hundred citations and arrests for illegal street racing. So far just the past six months, Joe. And that's so dangerous at you know. Yes, of course, it's dangerous for the drivers. But they're taking that risk on their own the real concern. As far as I'm concerned is is everybody else that's out on the roads at those hours. And and passengers or in some cases, they said there were children in the cars. I mean, this is dangerous crazy guys and a lot of those younger people think themselves invincible, and they take risks that the rest of us probably would not it's eight forty nine. Nine on Orlando's morning news. Eleven minutes away from nine.

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Gordon, GUS, Gulf Coast discussed on Orlando's Morning News

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