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It kind of well. It very get something out of his five get work. That's for sure. Appreciate you getting up early every day. It's been fun to get to know you. Yeah definitely thanks. For having me on today bleacher tweets already buster bleacher tweets for a wednesday. I up we have george franko george writes in the braves lost the pirates. Eleven to one and can't get any momentum on a scale of one to ten. How worried should sn it in the braves be and we should note. That was from two days ago or a dago because they lost to the pirates again last night. Two to one. How worried should they be buster. Yeah that was a tough loss. Last night i put it at about eight and a half to nine at this point according to fan graphs or chances for making the playoffs are something arranged at twelve to fourteen percents in keep in mind. We've seen the mets spent aggressively during the last county. Steve collins took over as as the owner. And you know that they're going to be aggressive leading up to the trade deadline. They're going to be looking. Extend their advantage. And the message got back jaffna gala mike conforto or slowly finding their way getting their swings back. Absolutely you know the braves between now and say july twenty fifth that are going to define whether or not they're going to attend this year last one for the day. Brian pickle nikki at. I don't know about that. Why is the derby and all star game. Always on a monday and tuesday. There would clearly be more views ratings if it was on a saturday sunday. Please don't tell me major league baseball does it. Because that's the way it's always been it's the mid summer classic not the mid week classic but ch- like the casting on that i would say this from the owner's perspective. What is absolute gold that they never wanted. Turn down our weekends in the summertime because the kids go to the ballpark and so those schedule various things during the course of the year. They want their weekend gold mines and so they figure you know what. Let the all star game on monday tuesday. Mid week people are gonna watch the homerun derby. It's probably going to be the highest rated In baseball amount of the year. People watch the all star game and then on the weekend in the summertime. He will go to the ballpark and the owners are not going to bypass that opportunities. That make sense sailor. Oh yeah absolutely. I was kind of wondering the same. As when i saw this tweet for from brian. But that makes total sense weekend. Gold mine. sounds like a knife episode title. Buster while you're the one who puts the titles on it all right that'll be what it is today. And that is it for bleacher..

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