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Welcome back steven jackson ryan honed return what return to the nba where people are still complaining about the raff despite meeting during allstar weekend that was meant to smooth relations between players and zebras that was sunday low braun complained recently that he's officiated differently than everybody else now paul george says he and the rest of oklahoma said he's big three they don't get knee calls either russell who at the room costly oh now we were just officio deeply differing abuse in his style oh he's one of his group influ bellboy tell we're on a floor no one's getting not agree with the better side of that whistled uh but in all we will keep attacking the keep being aggressive this death our jobs put pressure new assault point uh this is gonna work out for us what lock should nba star stop complaining about officials for now they should they should take it up during the offseason i think they have a legitimate complaint the league as referee differently i don't think it's favours the jump shooter and so lubrani's led this wining and it doesn't surprise me the paul george's followed suit i think this is ridiculous so here are the guys that lead the nba in free throws a game james harden guard yawn us forward boogie cousins center the guys to get to the line earn it you wanna know why when westbrook leads the league in drives but harden gets to the free throw line because westbrook's blowing by people and he's not getting fouled is much harden in his herkie jerky stop and go style is constantly creating contact two guys in my life have lived at the free throw line karl malone.

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