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County, deputies responded to a man who said he had beaten the woman to death and was threatening to kill himself when they got to sixty one year old William bullies home, they instructed bullied to come outside. And he was taken into custody deputies found the victim inside the home with a severe head wound. She was conscious but disoriented she was taken to a hospital with traumatic injuries deputies say during an argument bully had beaten the woman with a piece of wood Bouli was booked in the Clackamas county jail on an attempted murder charge in is being held without bail. There's a photo now of a man who robbed the Columbia Bank in Raleigh hills, Monday and police think he's responsible for several other Bank heists, we have his photo of ninety dot com. The man gave a note to the teller demanding cash then fled the Bank with the money. Police searched the area but couldn't find him. President Trump's former attorney has agreed to testify before house lawmakers. Next month. And the president says he's okay with that. No word about it. At all. No, Michael Cohen's move is reportedly voluntary and comes amid a promise Democrats have made to investigate. The Trump administration oversight committee chairman Elijah Cummings says his staff is consulting with special counsel, Robert Muller's office. President Trump says adding more security to the US Mexico border is just commonsense today in Texas, the president said building a physical wall at the southern border is the right thing to do. He noted he's still considering declaring a national emergency to fund the project. A memorial was held Newport last night for the three crab fisherman who died when their boat capsized at the bar. Josh porter James Lacey and Stephen banenky died in the accident fishing. Captain, Gary ripka was a friend of Porter's and tells K to news he's seen very season. Fishermen lose their lives doesn't get easier. When you get older doing it. It's just a dangerous as just as risky, and it doesn't change a local nonprofit representing the fishing community is now accepting donations for the affected families. Visit Newport fisherman's watch dot com. Oregon state's basketball team hosts USC tonight. A Gill Coliseum in eleven ninety Xs Ron Callan says the beefs thing they'll do well in Pac twelve play beavers. No doubt basking in that seventy seven seventy two win over Oregon last weekend in Eugene to open Pac twelve play tonight, though, it's USC than on Sunday UCLA. Here's Wayne.

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