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High 41 points as the Clippers stave off elimination. They beat the Suns 1 16 102 to force a Game six that will be back in Los Angeles on Wednesday night. In baseball. The Brewers turned on the Jets in the eighth inning. Jackie sends it to left center and deep way back way back on the warning track off the low one rose gonna score for sure they will hold casting hero a third long double My Jackie Bradley Jr. J. B. J kicks off what turns out to be a 10 run a thinking as the Brewers run away from the Cubs. Final score 14 to 4, a slow start for Freddie Perrotto quickly turns into a standard Peralta jam. The first two batters Peralta faces. He issues a walk and then gives up a home run. It's two nothing before much of the crowd is through the turnstiles. The Cubs never touch them again in six innings, you gotta got locked in and started making pitches started kind of getting some just some lazy fly ball outs and some early outs. So you know after the first two innings, you didn't think I didn't think six innings was going to be in the cards, but he was really sharp after Andrew Craig count So Peralta gives up. The two runs on two hits with eight strikeouts in four walks at American Family Field, Matt Paulie Wtmj sports same two teams back at it again tonight You can hear the game on our sister station, 94 5, ESPN. And finally in football. Aaron Rodgers has a decision to make. He could potentially opt out of the 2021 NFL season for health and safety reasons. If he does do that, he would keep about 20 million bucks in his pocket. The decision would be permanent, though, and he'd have to make it by this Friday. Packers reporter Jason Will he does not see him making that move. I don't think anybody thinks that someone who even with his unhappiness with the organization Still cares about his legacy and still cares about his teammates that he would actually do something so diabolical and quite frankly dishonest. The Packers are set to report to training camp a little less than a month from today and then Jean once again extra points coming up at 7 45 presented by holiday Automotive in New Berlin heating and air conditioning, a message for Cubs fans that want to try our city on for size now that the pandemic has passed in their back. Checking out and fan field. I said some not so nice things about Cubs fans on yesterday's show, so I'll walk a little bit like back but just little referendum on some things they can expect when they come to more full disclosure. You were a little sleepy. Yesterday you were sleep deprived your little grumpy. I've always sleep deprived and grumpy. It's deja vu. Wow, 7 18 the sounds. We are in our mobile broadcast facility. It is the first day of summer fist of summer. John Melissa Gregg with you at the Wisconsin State Fair. What a beautiful day are back. Yellow is.

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