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What what excites you i mean i look everyone's excited again because players where stunk and this is the first time in nba history and what the fourth time in really pro sports the major pro sports in north america that we have two teams meaning for the third consecutive year that story line alone is great but then i think you and on top of that everybody's healthy and they're going to be pretty well rested i mean a week is a week here for the for the cavs that is good and the warriors have a little bit more but that's what makes this so exciting to me especially like the rolling the support players lebrun and curry those your giants but dan you know duran is healthy is healthy for that matter because he wasn't last year kevin love is huge i mean this guy was not not not there in two thousand fifteen and then you know really didn't do a whole lot michelle mcgann last year accepted those the one huge play we obviously sorta locked up steph curry on the perimeter but yeah mr games can everybody fully stocked let's go and some new pieces as well right of new pieces i think you're watching these playoffs the warriors in cash look unstoppable on offense they both scored one hundred in each of their games because no one can stop them so this is like the year of offense i think it feels like the epitome of offense who is going to stop who is there a tiny advantage on one side it and i think andrea dollar is a huge huge factor the 2015 nba finals mvp because he played lebron so well lebrun scored would every scored thirty four per game in that series because he was playing with deli in jr smith interest and thompson beside no carrying no but it you matches up with them pretty well they're virtually the same size and statistically over the last few years is pretty good at you know he's pretty good at slowing him down.

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