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So you're super assets are really super duper assets and your liabilities. We haven't even talked about yet are kind of immaterial. I mean what is what liabilities do you have. What do you own dozen. Put money into your pocket cars. Oh about ontario next. Why aren't you running about antero. come on hostile. Hang mindy haven't gotten to that one yet but you're doing all the things and most people don't do this. What does the phrase. What does the the quote live like. No one else today so you can live like no one else tomorrow every year that you work. You have that year's income. I'm sorry that expenses plus next year is expensive. Plus the next year's expenses because of your investments so the next year you've already got three years of expenses right there next year you work. You've got three more years the next year work. You've got three more years and you're going to continue to add to these so the next year you work. You're going to have four more years than the next year after that. It's going to be five years. And then maybe you decide that you don't want to work your w. two anymore. So then you're only making three times year annual expenses every year just through your investments. I mean you're kind of living the exact thing that we are always preaching on this show. Spend less earn more creative business an invest wisely. And you've done yes yes yes. So that's what i want people to realize is it's really not rocket science people get paralysis analysis in don't do anything if you just consistently accumulate cash flowing assets and hold them for the long term. Then you will be fine..

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