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Pay for the parts doing jobs in supermarket so selling food on the streets. social media is a big part of the same to you and they use Facebook groups to exchange parts organize meet ups and share videos. one of the most striking things about this fight is there a four different weights attached to it I'm interested see how heavy this bike is is it okay if I try and pick up. okay let's try out for one of my my. that this like no you need two hands okay guys. how many how many kilograms. yeah the bike is forty kilos and I can feel it. and how fast you think you go in there yeah it does you may meals in twenty eighteen. with one of the fastest I've been it's one hundred and twenty five kilometers per hour in this highway going down the. twenty five. a taxi driver was just by my side and he was like you were one hundred twenty five right now how how did that feel. hello looking out that a lot of good in my soul when you're that as your like your tears are coming out of your eyes I know if it's because of joy or because they were so dry but it's nice. when you step on the. mon spike doesn't have pedals he says they slow him down so I wonder how does he gets up the steep mountain roads. following a different messages come. running up the right.

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